Zoya Nail Polish

  I took advantage of the Zoya 3 for free promotion.  Since I’m into dark shades, especially during the winter, I chose Raven, Cynthia, and Dakota.  All of them are my favorites for different reasons;  however, since receiving my Zoya polishes, I’ve rocked Zoya ‘Dakota’ more often.

Zoya ‘Dakota’, I would describe as the perfect oxblood red polish, which is very much ‘in’ right now.  Usually, I’m not a fan of red polishes, but, this one has me hooked.  The only downside is that with two coats, it comes off a little sheer; therefore, to achieve the color payoff, and opacity that I like I used three coats.

This is my current ‘Nail of the Week’ using Zoya ‘Dakota’ with Zoya’s ‘Gloria‘ as an accent on my ring fingers.


oya 'Dakota nail polish with 'Gloria'
Zoya ‘Dakota nail polish with ‘Gloria’


Here are the other polishes – ‘Raven‘ and ‘Cynthia



Zoya 'Raven'
Zoya ‘Raven’

I added some nail glitter that I purchased from Avon.   I’m working on my nail art skills.  By the way, that glitter is sooo messy!



Zoya 'Cynthia'
Zoya ‘Cynthia’


What are your favorite Zoya Polish Shades?

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