Makeup by Kim Porter Smarter Commerce TVE


Remember when I announced I was apart of the IBM Smarter Commerce campaign?  I’m still in the campaign, and as I mentioned in my introductory post, I am going to talk about my journey as an makeup artist.



Makeup by Kim Porter Smarter Commerce Dana2


Recently, I spent my Saturday morning with the fabulous Dana of The Vixin Experience, doing her makeup along with three other beautiful ladies for a photo shoot. Dana is taking her smarter commerce to the next level by selling t-shirts with her brand.  She blogs, does interviews, and during the photo shoot, I learned she’s also responsible for the photography and photo editing; now that is smarter commerce at its best. Purchase a t-shirt HERE



Makeup by Kim Porter Smarter Commerce Tina


Social media played a significant role in my obtaining this makeup gig.  Although I know Dana from our college days, we’ve stayed connected through blogging, and other social media outlets, such as twitter, facebook and instagram.   I often post my face of the days, or makeup looks I’ve created on other people on my social media accounts, which attracts potential clients.  Due to our connections on these accounts, Dana was able to see the quality of my work, and opted to hire me.

Makeup by Kim Porter My Smarter CommerceItalian


You can view more photos from the shoot HERE

How has social media played a positive role in your life?


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