I hope everyone has enjoyed the 2012 holiday season with your families and friends.  Mine was great!  Honestly,  I wasn’t expecting to receive anything not just because I’m an adult, but the focus in my family is usually on the children.  I am grateful for everything I received this past Christmas, especially my Urban Decay Naked Palette.  I received Naked 1 and Naked 2!



 Christmas Gifts urban Decay Naked palette

I was shocked as heck to see not one, but two Sephora boxes. I thought they contained a bottle or two of the perfumes that were on my wish list. But, nope! I got the Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 & Naked 2 Palette.  I’ve wanted the original Urban Decay Naked Palette for the longest time, plus, I figured I could use either one in my kit.  My husband, the person who gifted the its, to me thought the same thing!  Thank you, hubby!




I also received this nice brooch from my sister that says, “I Do Makeup”. It’s cute. I’m happy she remembered I wanted one of these. Thanks, Kinda!

I do Makeup Brooch

For my blogging/vlogging, I received a Vista Explorer 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Tripod Bag.  I was in desperate need of one.  I am so not good at taking self-portraits or the mirror photos.  Plus, for myself, I purchased a Canon VIXIA HF R30 Full HD 51x Image Stabilized Optical Zoom Camcorder–Wi-Fi Enabled with 8 GB Internal Drive Dual SDXC Card Slots and 3.0 Touch LCD
and lights to start vlogging again on my youtube channel (MakeupbyKimPorter). I ordered my PBL STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY VIDEO LIGHT KIT CONTINUOUS LIGHTING KIT VIDEO LIGHING EZ 24in x 24in SOFTBOX by PBL
Christmas Day, and they haven’t come yet.  As soon as they do, my goal is to crank out at least one video per week

Dynex Camera Tripod

My husband also got for me a plum-colored Furla handbag – the Piper Tote. It was on my pinterest board. I love it! The clor is beautiful. The bag is lightweight. The bag is just big enough for me to fit the necessities instead of lugging around things I don’t need, as most women do when they have large purses.



Furla Piper Tote

I got these cute red flats from Zara, and yes, that’s a mustache on them.



Zara Red Mustache Flats

I also received some scarves, riding pants, and pajamas.





What did you get for Christmas? What were your favorites?

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