Fashion line Pepper Jacques debuts on Saturday, September 22, 2012. Pepper Jacques is partnering with Roosevelt Field Mall Body Shop(2nd Floor) to present Body & Beauty Meets Fashion, where designer, Rachel A. Fenderson will showcase some items from the Pepper Jacques X-GS Collection.  Pepper Jacques will release a limited production of the X-GS collection- (includes Full Sequin, Hat, Scarves, Opera/Motorcycle gloves.) 


The collection will be the first release by the designer Rachel A. Fenderson, a Parsons The New School for Design alumnus. While the collection encompasses a Bright Light in the Night feel, it gives edge and grace at the same time. The motorcycle glove is a true reflection of that.
Jacques is Rachel in her earlier days of attending Hofstra University. Pepper is Rachel taking the road less trotted and attending Parsons the New School for Design. For more in depth personality profiles on Pepper and Jacques please visit:


The Body Shop will offer 3 complimentary beauty services:

1. Facials

2. Skin Consultations

3. Makeovers by yours truly, Makeup by Kim Porter

You may sign-up in advance for any of these services here:


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Twitter: @PepperJacques

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