I got another calgel manicure for my friends wedding.  My first one was done at the International Beauty Show in May 2010.  I did love it.  The reason it took me a long time to get another one was because at Sakura, and another salon that does it charged a lot of money, and the locations were too far.  My cousin told me about a place, Pure Nail Salon, she goes to.  It is closer, but still a bit out of the way. On her recommendation, amongst the many good reviews on Yelp.com I ended up going to Pure Nail. 



For my next calgel manicure, I envisioned something fun, and not too plain like my first one was, but since this was for a wedding, I got what a nice light pink with some “bling”.  It isn’t too plain, but, I think it was appropriate enough.  Next time, I want something with more color and designs.



By no means is Pure Nail salon fancy.  If you do go, just keep that in mind.  It cost me $40 for my calgel manicure, which had gradation and an accent nail.  It has been a week since my manicure and it looks just as good as the day I got it done.  I would say it was money well spent.

Pure Nail Salon is located at
927 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY 11238
(718) 638-6394
They are open weekdays as late as 7/8:00 PM, as well as Sunday

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