Next to the classes and workshops offered during the two-day trade show, is the shopping at The Makeup Show.  The Makeup Show features many amazing brands selling the best beauty products at discount all under one roof.  With that being said, it is extremely easy to over spend; therefore, when going to something like this it is best to set a budget ahead of time and create a list, and stick to that list.  When creating your list, re–evaluate what you need in your kit; check for anything you’re running out of or just don’t have.


This is my personal Shopping Guide


UNII Cosmetics

They have those really cute customizable palettes (with a mirror) that holds any of your de-potted, panned makeup.


Bdellium Tools

I picked up a few of their brushes at IMATS.  After coming home, I realized I still needed some brushes.  Bdellium Tools are pretty good and affordable.  Really, you can’t ever have too many.  Plus, I want to get some from their Professional line.


London Brush Company

Like I said, I need more brushes; some for my kit, and a some for personal use.  London Brush Company has pretty good brushes too.


Alcone Co

The makeup sponges from here are the BEST.  Sam Fine uses them, heck, I think every professional makeup artist does.  They are soft, and do not suck up all of your makeup like other ones.  I’m running out of the ones I purchased last time.


I’ve expressed my love for their HD Cream Foundation palette, now, I just need their powder foundation palette.  Once you have any of their foundation palettes in your kit, you are set.



Another product that I’ve talked about a lot on my blog.  This can be used as a primer, cleanser, moisturizer, shaving cream etc.  Kit must-have, in my opinion.

I also need more black gel liner.  I like INGLOT’s but, theirs dry-out too fast.


Anything else I purchase is probably out of sheer curiosity for the product, and me wanting to try something new.


What do you plan on picking up at The Makeup Show?




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