The Makeup Show Artists have launched a Limited Edition Brush Line, personalized with each individual artist’s signature to mark their essential tools, techniques and tradition.


The Makeup Show Brush Line features brushes from celebrity makeup artists, James Vincent, Jon Hennessey, Orlando Santiago, Esterique Aidan and Danessa Myricksand includes a full set of 13 brushes suitable for artists at every level.

James Vincent Brush Set: Medium Oval Shadow Brush, Sable Angle Liner, Small Fan Brush 

Orlando Santiago Brush Set: Deluxe Crease Brush, Large Red Sable Oval, Small Red Sable Oval 

Jon Hennessey Brush Set: Kabuki Brush, Complexion Brush 

Danessa Myricks Brush Set: Firm Oval Camouflage, Soft Blending Oval 

Esterique Aidan Brush Set: Deluxe Sable Shader, Detail Mini Chisel, Deluxe Pointed Crease

The Makeup Artist’s Brush Sets will launch at The Makeup Show NYC this weekend ( May 13th and 14th) and will then be available exclusively on this summer. Each artist’s set of Limited Edition Brushes will retail for $20.00 or $90.00 for the full collection, which includes brushes from all five artists.

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