Me at IMATS NYC 2012


Saturday, April 14, 2012 I attended IMATS New York with my friend and fellow blogger, Janique of  This was my first year at IMATS.  Last year, Janique covered the event for me since I had just had my daughter. 

IMATS, which stands for International Makeup Artists Trade Show, took place at Pier 94 in New York City.  Janique and I arrived in the afternoon, and I thought it would be packed, but it wasn’t.  Upon entering IMATS we ran into Carmen from Lipstick.Fashion.Mascara (Love her!).  She stated she had only bought brushes from Royal Langnickel, that was the first stop on my agenda as well. 



The line for Royal Langnickel was RIDICULOUS.  After only being able to pick out a kabuki brush (it was that crowded), I ended up abandoning that agenda, and moving to the next booth that interested me, Bdellium Tools (pronounced del-ee-uhm, -yuhm). 


Bdellium Tools Booth at IMATS NY 2012


I’ve wanted to try Bdellium Tools for a while now, the antibacterial brushes that everyone raves about.  Bdellium tools are treated with a cutting edge anti-bacterial technology that guards against harmful bacteria, fungus and mold.  I’m happy I didn’t pick up any of the brushes from Royal Langnickel because the brushes from Bdellium Tools were much softer when compared to the R&L brushes.

Bdellium offers 4 different product lines:

Maestro Series → Black painted handles, nickel plated brass ferrule that gives it more shine, has a more professional look to them.
Studio Line
→ Yellow painted handles, made to give you optimum control and comfort.
Travel Line
→ Same luxurious yellow painted handles in a more compact form.
Green Bambu
→ Eco-friendly brushes with handles made from bamboo, synthetic vegan bristles, hypoallergenic, 100% cruelty-free.


I was in desperate need of new brushes, so I ended up purchasing brushes from the studio line. When I handed the cashier my pile of brushes I was sure it was going to be over $100. I was surprised when everything totaled to about $62! Great!


My Bdellium Tools Brushes


After I purchased my brushes I stopped by Model in a Bottle. I’ve raved about their brow sealer many times on here.  They were selling their makeup setting spray for $15 and the brow sealer for $8 (I think).  I didn’t purchase anything though because I didn’t need anything.


Model in a Bottle


 We stopped by Velour Lashes booth.  They have mink lashes.  These lashes are super soft, and light as a feather, but, they are expensive.  The great thing about them is you can wear them up to 25 times, so in that sense, you do get your moneys worth.  ‘T Dot Oooh!’  ($59.99 sale $29.00) were my favorite out of all of the upper lashes.  I love how they curl up at the ends.


 Hakuhodo makes handmade brushes of superior quality.  They are by no means affordable (over $70 for one brush), but, OMG these brushes feel amazing!


Make Up For Ever Academy was in attendance doing demos:



I also picked up a makeup brush vessel from Cozette.



Here are more pics from IMATS New York 2012




Domenic, from Stila on the stage doing demos


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