A few weeks ago I mentioned I started a new healthy hair routine. Here is what I do on Sunday’s. “Why Sunday?” you ask. I chose Sunday because that’s the day I have the most time to do anything.  This is a long process.

I use Neem powder, mixed with any one of my conditioners, coconut or olive oil, rosemary essential oil and some tea tree essential oil, and apply to my scalp.   The neem helps fight dandruff, inflammation on the scalp or skin etc.  You can’t have healthy hair without a healthy scalp.


After I apply the Neem powder mixture to my scalp, I use my Shikakai mixture on the rest of my hair, concentrating on the ends.   I let both products sit in my hair for 30-minutes to an hour or more.   Then rinse out.  Wash with Loprox (I’m done with the Loprox now so I will be using WEN Fig from now on).



After I’m done washing and conditioning, I wrap it.  I spray on the Creme of Nature Argan Oil Strength & Shine Leave in Conditioner, then I apply Nairobi Wrapp It Shine Foam Lotion, and  I wrap it as tightly and securely as I can, especially since I am 7 weeks post relaxer, so I have a lot of new growth.   My wrapping skills are not great, but, this is what you get when you’re doing it on your own.


I let it air dry this time, and this is the results.  You can see some natural highlights in my hair too.   After this I would pull it back into a bun or I can flat iron it.  I try to stay away from heat, especially since I’m aiming to retain growth and have healthier hair.

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