Friday, March 30th I attended Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) press preview of the new ‘The Garden’ S/S 2012 Collection.  I first introduced you to the collection here, and I was excited for the collection just from the pictures alone.  It was more exciting seeing the collection in-person, swatching and trying on the different colors.



The Garden collection was inspired by current trends seen on the runway, but with a twist.  This collection has something for everyone, whether you’re into bold colors, or subtle nudes.  My personal favorites are “Pennyroyal” lip tar, which is my perfect nude & “Belladona” lip tar, which will be my “Katricia” replacement for now.  Chlorophyll is gorgeous as well, especially when topped with Rx lip tar – it makes the most beautiful algea green.  From the pigments, ‘Mimosa” and “Triptcyh” are my faves.   From the nail lacquers, which by the way  have the greatest staying power, and opacity is Chlorophyll.



The names do not sound like the typical items you would want to have in your garden, however, that was the whole purpose of David Klasfeld, creator of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, developing this line.  David explained the names of the lip tars and loose pigments all tell a story; “We wanted to explore the other side of the garden and for us that was poisonous flowers.  Belladonna is a lavish purple color flower that is extremely poisonous and Kava Kava is a Hawaiian root that has a psychedelic effect.”




David & an OCC makeup artist, who created the look on the ad, as well as the one on the model at the event spoke about the products used, the reason he created the products, and the versatility of them.



The model below is showing the versatility of the products.  The shades in the line can easily be worn for everyday looks, as seen below.   She is wearing OCC’s Moisture Tint ( I just purchased, and love it), Chlorophyll on the lower lash line, Datura on the lid, & Ophelia lip tar on the lips.



I ended up purchasing the Moisture Tint (Y5) and the Pennyroyal liptar.  Below is  apicture of me from the day of the event, after I applied Pennyroyal.



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