Saturday, I attended one of Make Up For Ever’s (MUFE) free classes for Pro Artistry month.  The class I attended was Editorial Skin Focus with celebrity makeup artist Orlando Santiago.

As the class began Orlando made it clear  that before you get into editorial makeup, which is a very vague term to describe this type of makeup, we as makeup artists have to understand what is behind editorial makeup, and what goes into it; it’s all about angles.  To start, editorials focus on perfect/flawless skin, and as an artist, it’s our job to provide just that to our clients, and of course with your own little flare.  Below, you can see the “flare” Orlando added to the model after he made her skin flawless.

Orlando taught us to know the products we’re working with.  For example, if we’re creating a dewy look, we’d use more silicone based products, and only apply powder to the creases (corner of nose).   If you’re going for a matted look, use more powder and oil-free products.



More tips for creating the perfect canvas include:

Adding eye cream (or perparation H) to facial moisturizer to bring down puffiness of the entire face

Neutralize FIRST then conceal to ensure you’re using as less a product as possible

-Mix green, yellow, red and white to neutralize purple & blue



Orlando’s Three V’s of Contouring & Highlighting

1.  Tip of nose

2.  Bottom of lip

3.  Base of chin

-Contour with cooler colors.  To cancel out warmth add cool colors.


Taking this class refreshed some things in my memory that I’ve known before.  It also reminded me of the class I took during The Makeup Show New York, ‘Perfect Skin‘ with Jon Hennessey, where he taught us how to create the illusion of perfect skin; same concept, different techniques.



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