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When I was asked to review a new press-on nail polish called imPRESS Press-on Manicure, I immediately accepted.  It seemed like something that would be cool to review.  Plus, something that would mean I’d have cute nails without the hassle of waiting for polish to dry.

My package came in the mail with a bunch of other products from Kiss Cosmetics, such as eyelashes, a brow pencil etc.  I was wowed by the colors and styles; I received ‘Ecstatic Cling’, ‘Working Girl’ black with silver glitter crackle), and ‘Holla!’ (nude with a black lace/flower design).

Since I received the items a few months ago when the weather was a little warmer, I used ‘Ecstatic Cling’ first.   It’s a nice, bold hot pink or fuschia color.  It reminded me of the CND Shellac in Hot Pop Pink that I had gotten not too earlier (see post).  Needless to say, I was excited to try it out.

I was disappointed when I noticed they were reminiscent of old-fashioned press-on nails, just a little bit more funkier in style and color, and a lot more flexible.  I still gave them a try.

I sat down, and carefully set aside each nail to match my nails; you get 24 nails in 12 sizes.  For the record, none of the nails were a perfect match, they were either too big, or they were small and left a space at the sides of my nails. I probably could have filed them down, but, that sort of defeats the purpose of the product.  I mean it does claim to give you “…salon perfect manicure in seconds!”  Certainly, if I had to sit there to shape each nail in order to get a perfect match, it isn’t living up to its claims.

After they were applied, I looked at my hands and said “These do not look good”.  Maybe it was the color, but, they didn’t look natural [to me] at all.  Plus, they popped off after a day or two.






-They come in a large variety of colors and styles.  They’re available in 36 colors and patterns, including trendy brights, classic darks and animal prints.

-You’re able to mix and match the colors and prints to your liking.

-You can easily change your nail color to fit your style, mood, event etc.

-No drying time

-Affordable – imPress Manicures retail for $5.99 and $7.99

-Easy to come off

-Love the polish bottle shaped packaging

– No acetone to remove



-They do not last one week. One popped off while I was dressing. Good thing it was in my house.

-They do not look natural.

-They do not sit flush & look bulky

Do I recommend?

I can’t say I will not recommend them because maybe it’s just me who had a problem with them?  I mean, I didn’t receive compliments on them.  I almost always receive compliments on my nails.  Maybe in trying a different set in a different style will change my opinion?  We shall see because I REALLY wanted to love these.  They are affordable, so if you’d like to try them at least once for yourself go ahead, and make sure to let me know how you like (or don’t like) them.


Have you tried imPRESS Press-on Manicures?  Thoughts?

Would you like to win a pair?

imPRESS Press-on Manicures are available for purchase at CVS, Rite Aid, Kmart, Walgreens and Walmart just to name a few. You can get a full list of online and in-store retailers at There you can also download an exclusive coupon and virtually try on all the colors and patterns!

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Disclosure:  This product was sent to me for free by the company or their representative.  I was not paid for this post.  These are my honest opinions.  I also received additional product from the Influenster VoxBox program.

64 Comments on Review: imPRESS Press-on Manicure… Salon results? Not so sure

  1. I just applied these to my nails I have very small nails and the fit almost perfectly, I was amazed that they actually came in my size. So far it looks amazing way better than when I go to a salon. They are great for any occasion, I don't care if they last two weeks or not, just need them for the occasion. Also with unbreathable wraps over the nails for an extended period of time there is always that damage that comes and which takes three months to grow out. So I will remove them in a couple days anyway. Remember definitely do not put on the thumbs until the very last because it makes application of the others more difficult. My verdict is that I LOVE them.

  2. Hey its me again with my time tested verdict, I left the nails on for 9 full days and I'm sure they could've lasted two weeks without falling out. I did say that I was going to remove them but I tried gently prying them off but they refused to budge and I didn't have the time to use remover and soak for what I thought would be a long time but that wasn't necessary. I poured some remover in the remover bottle cap and dipped each finger one at a time, then I used a cuticle stick to gently lift and voila Off they came. I found that as my nails grew out under the press ons it was obvious that these were press on and my hair kept getting snagged in the gap of the back of nails where the growth was, the part you'd normally fill in with wraps. Of course that is not a defect with the product but the result of leaving them on too long. As for the potential damage to my nails, I dont see a lot yet but one did chip At the tip and they appear to be dry. Not sure if that's just me cause I tend to have brittle nails. I must say that I used gloves to wash dishes but I did wash my hands a lot and they were in water a lot.

    • That's great. The second time I used them they lasted 3-4 days. I wonder what it looked like on you after 9. Mine may have looked better had I worn gloves during dishes and bathing my daughter. Thanks for coming back to let me know how they worked out for you

      • this is my third set that I have put on, and I tell you, I keep my for 12 days and they still look beautiful. I don't understand the people who say, that they fall in 2, 3 days. They must not be putting them on correctly. All day long, I'm lifting boxes, unpacking boxes, shipping items. At home I scrubb the bathroom floors and clean the house, do the dishes with them. They are as sturdy as they first day that I put them on. If I don't look at my fingers I forget that they are even on. So I don't know what everyone else is talking about.

  3. I tried the nails and so far its going great (with the exception of 2 nails popping off, but that was my fault because I was lifting a heavy suitcase) 5 days and counting…..They look great and I love the fact that they do not damage your nail beds. I will def go back and get me more colors. I think this is a great buy. Everyone at my job loves them and they do not even know its PRESS ON.

  4. i have verry small nails -like an 8 yr old- n i can only bet that i would have to file them down or something. i also would love to know how thin they are n what holds them on your nails? can they be reused? idk im just verry skeptical.

    • It’s a sticky adhesive that holds them down. They are very thin and flexible. If you have tiny nails, you may have to file them down to fit, that is, of course if none of the 20 sizes in the packet fit you.

  5. Bought these today in hopes that they would be another option to the sally hansen version. It was definitely disappointing that they are more like a press on nail than nail polish.

    I find them to be bulky and they do not sit flush on my nail. I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to doing my own beauty rituals so I am not sure what I may have done wrong. I also found that unless I file and shape- they look very awkward. When filed, the sticky surface used to apply them pokes out from the edges.

    I will let them stay on to see how they last. If they last at least the night- I would say they are good for a night out on the town where people aren't exactly asking to look at your nails up close (from afar they are cute)

    Pros: TONS of really cute options.

    • Very true I agree I put mine on and in an our they fell off they are WAY to overpriced for their quality I would never recommend these… don't buy ever they seriously don't last! VERY disappointed!

  6. I have the “holla” pattern, and put them on 2 nights ago. I would say I have smaller to average size nail beds because I found a perfect match for each nail.I really like them so far, but it did take me like an hour to apply and shape to my liking. I was looking for something different than the Sally Hansen strips. But as long as you take your time and make sure to apply pressure they shouldn’t come off. If you’re on the fence I would say try them out, they have pretty awesome patterns.

  7. Their not even all that great. I purchased because of the design i admired (PayBack) and wasn’t comletely satisfied. After 3 days of wear, the tips have started to peel off. And they dont look natural or last a week! Not buying again they are also not hard enough which causes them to bend easily:| Not worth the price ($6 @ cvs)

  8. I just bought them today and I agree, they look bulky and don't look natural. I don't use fake nails because i am always self conscious that people will know they are fake but I loved the packaging and wanted to give them a try. After seeing what bad results I got, I tried to take them off and I can't, that's why I stumbled on this post hoping to find removal tips. I cut them shorter and they don't look as bad and I can wait until they fall off now that I know, based on the previous comments, that they will pop up on their own before the weekend is over.

  9. i put mine on and they fel of in like 2 hours. they are not worth the 10 buck here. i will never buy then again

  10. I was given a pair of these for free to try and therefore went into the application process with no expectations. When I took the time to apply them properly and treated them with care, as I do with all manicures, they lasted me for a week and looked like they came from the salon; in fact I got an extensive amount of compliments on them from friends and peers. I disagree that they looked bulky, especially when getting a gel or acrylic manicure has the same results. It is true however that they didn't have all the perfect sizes for my nails, which I did not expect considering they are cheep fake nails, but circumvented this by placing them in the center of my nail. Again compared to the salon, where they leave gaps on the sides of your nails anyway, These cheep alternative nails definitely imPRESS-ed me and I recommend them to anyone who has the patience to sit and apply them correctly and adequately.

  11. So far, these nails have lasted 3 days without popping off, chipping, or bending. I have taken showers with them on, done dishes and other kinds of housework with them and they are holding up just fine. The only complaints I have are the fact that the nails are way too long, so I had to file them down quite a bit to avoid looking stupid, and my hair gets stuck in the growth gaps (which is expected and has nothing to do with the quality of the product), but overall they look very natural on me and I will definetely use them again. I bought them at WalMart and they only had two color selections at that time, so I am going to try looking somewhere else for more color options.

  12. I applied the nails totally properly and they were super sticking to my nails which was great……at first Through out the few hours that i had them on they were going fine the nails just made doing everyday things a bit more challenging. After about 4 hours after appliance they started to fall off. I just stuck it bak on but they all just kept falling off. After i had stuck all them back on and it was about 2 hours later i went to shower and right before i got into the shower i made sure they were on tightly. When i went to scrub my head about 3 fell of and then when i was rinsing my body about 2 came off so i just gave up with them and took them all off. Overall i think this product is only good for an event that's like less than 6 hours. I did not like the product at all.

  13. I have tried these 3 different times. The shorter they are the more natural they look, but when you file them some of the glue does stick out. In all three times I used them, not once have they lasted a week. They will however work if your in a pinch and need something quick for a night on the town. Great patterns to chose from to match almost any outfit. With each pack having 24 nails In each I was able to use each pack twice which is nice. =/

  14. I just put these on and so far I love them. I'm hoping they will last longer than most other press on nails I have used because I have cut them shorter, almost to the length even with my fingertip. They look really cute after filing down and are practical. They are a tad bit bulky but all fake nails are. Press on nails always break off when I unbutton my jeans so we'll see how they will fair. They are also flexible and soft enough to cut with nail clippers, other press on nails are brittle plastic that often crack when you try to cut them. So that will save time instead of sitting there and filing each nail for hours because they are quite long.

  15. I put my nails on three days ago. I'm wearing "Casting Call" and have had so many compliments on how great my nails look. People asked how I got my manicure so shiny. One asked if I had on acrylic but others thought they were my natural nail. I have larger nails with ridges so I did find problems finding a size to fit my thumb nail perfectly and actually had to file my natural nail down due to the shortness of the thumbnail selection. I've had two nails pop off (from lifting heavy boxes) and I bought some of the sticker like nail adhesive to use in case these popped off and it seems to be holding it on. I've never been able to use the glue-on nails due to the flatness and ridges of my nails so I'm very happy with these. They are the perfect length for active fingers (typing, texting, etc,). I will definitely purchase these again and recommend to others as a quick/cheap/temporary alternative to acrylic nails which damage the natural nail. They've definitely lasted longer than when I paint my nails.

  16. I have brachydactyly (or "Toe Thumbs" – same thing as Megan Fox) and I am wondering if the sizing comes big enough to accommodate my thumbs? With the Sally Hansen and Sephora stick ons I have to turn them sideways and trim them. Before buying these I want to know how wide they are to see if it's even worth it! Can someone measure the width of the biggest size for me?

  17. These may be some of the worst "press-on" nails I've ever gotten. It's been about 10 minutes and already all but two have fallen off numerous times (and another just fell off, yippee!). I'm going to have to use actual nail glue to keep them on, which completely defeats the purpose.

  18. I’ve had mine on for 5 days already, Ive dyed my hair n moved heavy boxes within these days and they are stuck fast! I can feel that they could fall off in the next couple of days though, if I press on the tip I can feel the nail slightly press against my cuticle. They fit my nails perfectly and that’s what I was worried about as I have weirdly tiny finger nails! I was so happy after applying them that I ordered more! They look pretty much the same as my natural nails just painted 🙂 however my friend tried them and they came off pretty much straight after applying them, I however have longer nails underneath which may have helped! I’m not a nail biter!

  19. I had an issue on Christmas Day 2011. I wore them and the only lasted 8hours. Not even a day. I didn't do anything besides open two presents and hang out with my cousin. :/ I was wondering if I could put Superglue down on my nails and then put PRESS ON Nails on… I don't know.

  20. I purchased the French manicure set, and they stayed on for almost two whole weeks! I did lose the right thumb nail after about 7 days, but seeing as I kept using it to pry things open, I'm not going to hold that against it. I like the French because its not as… obvious, shall we say, as some of the other colors, but this one is super unnatural, very orangey. I find you definitely have to use the little acetone pad they send you, it dries out the nail and allows it to stick better. Also, if you hold a blow dryer over each nail before putting it on, it kind of warms up the sticky before you put it on. My nails are very dry, and peel easily, I was surprised that these didn't cause them to peel when they came off. I've used Kiss nails for a long time, and they have several other nail styles that look more natural, I wish they would put the sticky from these on some of the others for a more natural, less bulky look!

  21. They come in 12 different sizes, so after you use like in my case, pretty much the 5 larger sizes, you really don't have big enough nails to match yours with the left over nails. I can't use them. I will save them in case one pops off and quickly cover it even if it is a smaller size, but only so I don't look bad missing one nail until I can go home and remove all or do something… A is not a complaint. I just read someone's comment that you could use twice from the same package/bottle. What I do is that I give them to my 14 year-old cousin and the smaller sizes (for me) fit her perfect and that way I don't waste them.
    I LOVE this nails. I have used them 4 times and only the second I used them they fell off the same day. The other times they stayed 6 days. What I did "wrong" that time they fell, was that first, I didn't use the pad with (seems like) alcohol. That I think removes any oils or grease or residues from your nails. The other thing is that I didn't applied much pressure. I think that left some air pockets that let water or hand lotion or just air to dry out the glue… Who knows… I tell you this, I love the looks and the feel so much that I apply a lot of pressure to get them to stick perfect. My fingers hurt me for a few hours because I press so much (yes, I'm a fool), but my nails stay perfect for good 6 days or 5 if I work in the yard or it is a Saturday and I do my chores in the house. I wish they had more option of colors in the CVS I've gone to or Walmart. I wish they sold them online already.

  22. I have been wearing these for eight days, now. I have received lots of compliments on them. I have small nails, & was able to find the right fit, no problem. Since applying them, I have decorated for prom, torn down prom, push-mowed my lawn (~5 acres), done tie-dye chemistry lab with my students, and the normal, everyday “mom” stuff. I have been very happy with them! My search for more colors (limited at my local Wal-Mart) is what led me here!

  23. I have used these nails for around 4 weeks and love them! I do put a coat of clear nail polish on my nails before applying because my nails tend to peel. After week 4, i have no nail damage, no signs of fungus, and my natural nails are actually in better condition now than before (probably because the impress nails protect them). I also dip my nails in the cap of the polish remover and very gently remove the nails after 5 days of wear. I throw the 'bottle' of extra nails in my bag just in case, but only once had to use it. I love these nails and have recomended them to my friends. Thanks imPress!

  24. I got these for free in a mail order I recieved. I put them on thinking I’d just wear them for fun since I was being lazy and I didn’t want to paint my nails. I am simply AMAZED by how easy they were to apply and how long they’ve lasted (5 days so far, no mishaps!) and by how many compliments I’ve gotten! Everyone thinks they are acrylics or a gel manicure, they cannot believe they are press on nails and at this point, neither can I! I have already bought a new set a wal-mart and I’m thinking of going to walgreens also to check for more colors, right now I’m wearing the hot Barbie pink color. My nails are average to large size, some nails were a little small but not noticeable, they are just a millimeter or two longer than my natural nails.

  25. Love them!! They have stayed on for a week, which is perfect because you can wear a new set every week and it will still cost less than getting them done. I've learned that making sure you fit them under your cuticle, makes them look less like press ons. Also, make sure you fit them right, because if they are too big on your nail bed, they look really cheesy. Also, if you want a pattern they dont have, buy those peel polish strips (not sure what they are called) and use those, or even paint them a color you want. They are cheap and fun!! I recommend.<3

  26. Me & my friends are addicted to these nails!!!! Im not sure why some people complain about them! My frist time applying them they did last up to a week & they could have lasted longer but the color was fading. Went & got a new pair & this time after applying on the nails i went over them w/ clear nail polish & its been 5 days & so far no signs of the desgin fading!!! 2of my friend did have the problem of the nails being to long … however when we had a sleepover & we were applying the nails on it turn out they were using a bigger size then what is needed!even the paper in the package gives you the tip to use a smaller size.All i have to say is these nails & wonderful & better than arcylic! If they dont work out for you maybe you are doing something wrong or who knows. I just know that for me & my friends they work perfectly!

  27. I bought these nails thinking they would be easy to wear or last long, at least they have some cute designs. Boy was I wrong and dissapointed. They did fit my nails which are on the small side, but I would not recomend these if you work a lot with your hands. I followed the instructions and used the nail cleansing wipe that came with the package. These didn't last me through 4 hours of working. They popped off with in hours of me opening boxes. I think they may be better suited for a night out or special ocasions where you're not going to be using your hands a lot. Get a gel or shellac manicure instead, they last longer (up to 2 weeks) and actually promote nail growth.

  28. I really hope they stay on, they look super cute 🙂
    I did something a little more than what they said on the package though. I pushed back my cuticles and lifted them slightly so I could put the fake nail under the cuticle for a better fit. I then put on the nail and held it in place for about 10 seconds or so, rolling my finger around on the fake nail to make sure they were secure and had a tight fit :):) hopefully this helps them last a whole week! 🙂

  29. No i wouldn’t recommend them. It’s true are bulky and they only look real from a far distance. I only bought because I didnt want to polish them and I didn’t have to go to nail salon

  30. After reading the reviews I decided to use the Kiss nail glue instead of relying on press on (which I know defeats the purpose). They went on perfectly, no bulkiness and have been on for 7 days with no lifting. I can probably go longer…. Lots of compliments. Huge money and time saver!! I'm letting all my friends know about these!!

  31. I love them and they work great for me, and look awesome on me but i wear fake nails all the time. im a nail artist so for those who are complaining they don't work you need to make sure there is no nail polish on ur nails and it also helps to buff your nails and file them.

    • When I applied them, my nails were completely bare and dry. I just didn't like how bulky they looked on me. To each his/her own. I'm glad they worked out for you.

  32. I bought these as an impulse buy at Walgreens because I'm constantly looking for ways to strengthen my nails. I love shellac, but I can't afford to get them done every two weeks and sometimes they won't even last that long. I bought the french manicure Impress On nails and I'm very satisfied with how long they have lasted. Most press ons will pop off within less than a day. I'm a bartender so I need something that will last since I am SO hard on my nails. I put these on Monday night and three days later they are still on. I do have a little wear and tear to the nails, but that's mostly from work. These nails still look better than 98% of the manicures that I do get. I agree with some of the other posters that they're great from afar and I probably wouldn't want these on for longer than four or five days. I showed them to my co-workers and they thought I had gotten my nails done professionally! After three days and working, you can see the glue from underneath come up a bit, but it's not obvious unless you take a close look at my nails. I would definitely buy these nails again, but I would probably opt for an all over colour instead of the french.

  33. Hi… I've used Impress several times and have been very happy with them, and received many compliments. I hold each one down for about 30 seconds. The entire surface /curvature of the nail needs firm-ish pressure all over. Then let the glue "set" for half an hour or so before doing any tasks with your hands.
    I always give my nails & cuticles a nice cleanup/pushback before applying Impress, then wipe with the provided pad or any pad w/alcohol. Solids have lasted me between 6 days (Control Freak) and up to 8 days (Tweetheart). The design Shout lasted me 5 days. Designs seem to be a little less sturdy than the solids. And in particular, the Love Bites design has been the the weakest I've tried, it lifted on me after 3 days. Impress nails are fileable, tho I try to hold a finger on the nail to support it if I need to file one, which is rare. Love Bites started lifting for me on day 3, so I think they simply are one of the weaker ones, I won't bother with that design again.Of course, not every product is for every one, but overall, ImPress has been wonderful for me.

  34. Well I have to say I wasn't expecting much after reading some of the reviews on Impress Nails. However, I decided to give them a go last week before a trip to Barcelona. I didn't have time to have my weekly manicure and polish treatment before my flight so I grabbed a pack of Impress Nails in black from Boots. 6 days later they still look fantastic! My tip is to make sure you use the prep pad to clean your nails thoroughly before application.

  35. Bought the nails yesterday for clubbing that night, and within 2 hour, I had lost 4 of my nails, and by the end of the night I lost all of them. They feel incredibly thin and weak and was very careful throughout the night, but the smallest thing, like taking off my shoes would cause one of my nails to fall off 🙁 They are literally exactly the same as the nails I/we used to buy as kids that you peal and stick on. Defiantly not worth £7.99!!

    • I'm glad I am not the only one who experienced them popping off! Some commenters said I applied them wrong. I know how to properly clean my nails. I used acetone and alcohol. They were bare and dry. These nails are just hit and miss

  36. Ive had it on for a day now but the index finger nails refuseeeee to stay on ……but otherwise they look great

  37. I just got some today and so far i have been able to change the baby's diaper. and shower with them and they haven't fallen off. I'm a very fortunate person when i buy store sold nails they fit perfectly no shaping at all. they look natural. the picture isn't there but i got the french styles manicure with zebra print a hot pink like then a silver line they are nice and short. i hope they stay because i put them on tonight for a dinner party tomorrow and i have to work tomorrow.

  38. i LOVE the impress nails! easy application and its been a little over a week and mine are still on.. no pop offs or chipping!!!

  39. I love them!! Ive used them a couple of different times and they have stayed on longer than a week both times. I feel like the application process has a lot to do with whether or not they stay on a long time or fall off quickly. It is necessary to apply quite a bit of pressure to get them to ad-hear to your natural nail right, but my verdict is that they are great!

  40. I bought 2 styles and my daughter and I each put on a set. They started falling off during the application process. They did not even last an hour before half had fallen off. We followed the directions to the letter but it seemed that the glue never set. I will never buy this product because it isn't worth the price!

  41. I'm on my second set. The fist one was Rock It, which I liked but they were a bit too orangy like a previous post suggested. I bought another set of the French style but opted for something pinker this time. They lasted about five days. None of them popped off out right, but by day four they were lifting a little toward the cuticle. I'd say the best advised is to no use too large a size for your nail bed and it's probably best to use a slightly smaller size like the package suggests. I also didn't use the prep pad but my own pure acetone polish remover instead. In addition I buffed my nails like the salon does before they apply acrylic. I think that helps them adhere better, the down side is that it does ruin your nails a little. I have terrible natural nails so it doesn't bother me. The next tip is to make sure to align them with the cuticle almost pushing them under the cuticle. The most important step is to press HARD and don't put your hands in water for about half an hour. I didn't do this the first time so I think that's why the lifted a little. I think this set may work better because of the last tip. They look really good, even my husband says so and he hates fake nails. I do a lot of typing at work and can mange as well with these as I do without. Overall, I really like these imPress nails and will buy more in the future. I do wish that there were more choices of style in my local Wally, but honestly I think they're really popular and go fast.

  42. I bought the french manicure. They looked really nice. Thumb nail poped off right away. Went to dinner and noticed when I got home 2hours later my pinky finger nail was missing. I followed the directions to a tee. Al in all I would not buy them again! Waste of money!

  43. I recently wore the pinkish french manicure version of these to a wedding. The entire bridal party commented on how beautiful my nails were, and were amazed they were press-ons! i never have nice nails and i will totally use these again

  44. I love them , they look really great and very natural. Besides being affordable they last up to 2 weeks. So funny people stop me on the street asking where did I go for manicure. Went back and stack up on 25 read colors (my favorite) 🙂

  45. I got them for free when I rented a book from
    They are like those fake nails that I would buy from the 99c store when I was like 5 years old. The only difference is that the sticky part seems to work a bit better than those. Anyway I would never actually pay for these save yourself the $5 and get yourself a nail polish that will last you way longer and that you'll get more than one application on.

  46. I didn't like them, they looked nothing like when I get my nail professionally done and they felt so weird on my fingers. Plus I couldn't find the right sizes for all of my nails and they just looked awkward because of the sides of my nails sticking out and the backs not sitting flush with my skin. They are very flimsy as well and one chipped without me even noticing within the first two hours that I had them on. After this I gave up on them and ripped them all off. Not worth the hassle or price in my opinion.

  47. I bought these today and let me just say the kid ones to play with stay on longer! Honestly these r the WORST! Don't waste it money they cost way to much for this I don't care what everyone else says but these r TERRIBLE!!! Disappointed!!! I want my money back! These are terrible! , I'm so mad! They didn't even last an hour and all I did was watch tv! You can't do anything with these and they r too long! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!:|

  48. I have been using these nails for over a month now. My favorite is the short style french manicure. The fit is perfect. I usually change them once a week but have never lost one. In fact at the end of the week they are a bit challenging to remove. I agree with a previous poster who says they stick better if your nails are warm. The posters who lost nails in a few hours must not have followed the simple instructions. Make sure your nails are clean and use the alcohol wipe to remove any oils. Do not get the nails wet for at least 30 minutes. I also found that as my nails grew out underneath, I got a better result and fit with the Impress nails if I clipped my nails back. I am a huge fan and always get compliments on my "manicure". Note: I am currently on Day 9 with the short french tips!

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