Body by Brooklyn, is a sprawling all-day spa and oasis in my Brooklyn neighborhood.  It is literally a less than 10-minute walk right down my block.  Talk about convenient!

My very first visit to Body By Brooklyn was at the end of October.  I had taken my husband for a surprise spa day for his birthday, which included a one-hour couples aroma therapy massage,  30 minutes (turned into 1-hour) and champagne in the VIP suite, and access to the wet lounge.  I thought that this would break my pockets, but, it was actually really affordable.




We got undressed, and waited for the masseuse for about 3 minutes.  Our masseuse took us into the room, very similar to the one seen above.  Very clean, spacious and relaxing. Both masseurs were females, were very nice and accommodating, especially my masseuse  (her name slips my mind right now).   Before getting my massage, I was asked what my favorite scents are, I chose peppermint and lemongrass.  My husband said he wasn’t asked anything, his lady just got down to business.

If you don’t know, I breast feed,  which means I may leak some milk out.  I left my bra on loosened at the back so she was able to have access.  My masseuse reassured me that Body by Brooklyn is breast feeding friendly, and told me she’d just put a towel down, and I shouldn’t worry about any leaking. Everything is changed and cleaned anyway.



The massage went well.  The hour flew, and both my husband and I fell asleep during the treatment.  It was good.  I can’t say it was the best massage I’ve had, but, it was good.

After the massage was over we waited for the VIP suite to be ready for us.  We waited in the lounge area, and had one drink.  I had blackberry margarita, my husband had a mimosa.  The drinks were okay, and a little pricey.  We’re living in the moment…right? Why not.  The drinks were charged to our locker key, so there’s no need to carry cash around.


So back to the suite.  The suite has a jacuzzi, shower/steam stall, personal bathroom, large flat screen tv, dimmer… all of the romantic stuff.  The jacuzzi was filled with fake rose petals.  The water was a little  too hot, but, Jeremy (I think that was his name) fixed it.  We ended up receiving a 1-hour stay in the suite, since we were waiting so long (like 30 minutes), and a free bottle of champagne, and extra bath salts.  We stayed in there for the full hour with no interruptions.  After our time was up we showered, got dressed and walked back home.

We did not use the steam room, since I am nursing, I can’t use anything that will release toxins into my system, which the steam room would have done.  Plus, it was very crowded that day; there was a large group of girls there.

Overall, we enjoyed our time there, especially my husband.  Since it’s so close to us, we will definitely visit again.


Special thanks to Karma for making this day a great one for my husband and I.







Body By Brooklyn
275 Park ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205

*Pictures courtesy of Body by Brooklyn


Disclosure:  All services were paid for by me, however, I did receive a small discount.  That discount did not influence my opinions in any way.

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  1. Thanks for this post Kim. I bought a voucher for the Body back over the summer and have yet to use it. If all goes well I will be going in 2 weeks. I so need a spa day.

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