Lately, I’ve been struggling with what I should do about y hair.  I cut it short April 26, 2008, and I LOVED it.  After I had my daughter this past March I decided to grow it out (see recent picture below).  Having it longer has definitely made my mornings easier since I just un-wrap it, and go. With the short hair cut, I’d have to worry about if a curl went flat, how to sleep so I don’t mess it up, getting it done weekly etc.  I loved it, but, it was high maintenance.  With a baby, it’s too much work for me right now.  Plus, winter is coming and I’d like to have something on my head this year to keep it warm, especially since I hate hats.



During my last hair appointment, which was two weeks ago, my hair stylist suggested I cut it again to get a more edgy look.  I agreed.  Now, I am like uggh do I really want to now? My issue is, my hair shed a TON after having my daughter.  My edges are somewhat non-existent; therefore, I’d have to go really short at the sides or make sure the cut leaves enough hair to cover it up.  I know I need something to make me look my age, and not a frumpy mom.  Maybe I can let it grow out more into a bob, and add some color for the Fall & Winter, and in the Spring/Summer, cut it short? My appointment is Saturday, and I STILL don’t know what to do.

This is where you come in!



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  1. Dear Kim,
    I think you shouldn't cut your hair .Keep your ends trimmed , let it grow out. I stopped going to the hair salon because they always wanted to chop off my hair, every time I got a touch up 4-6 weeks they want to cut it. My hair grows over 4-6 weeks so it seemed like as soon as I had new growth they cut it away. Now my hair is past my shoulders and my old hairdresser complimented me on face book when she saw my hair.

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