A few months ago I purchased a Lifebooker Loot (see post)- $22 for a Gel Manicure at Jean Leon Salon.  I was excited since I have never tried Shellac or Axxium gel, but, I have had a calgel mani before, which I loved.  I thought, $22 to try a new spot is worth it.  Boy was I wrong!

Deals aren’t always deals.  Almost always, you end up losing somewhere –  whether it is in service, cleanliness, or outcome of the service or product you are getting.  In this case, I lost in service and I’d say the place didn’t seem too hygenic neither.

The basement where the nail salon is located is dimly lit, and looks very gloomy.  Maybe that is the reason why the manicurists attitudes sucked!   Also, there were no signs of an autoclave to sanitize the nail tools.  The manicurist had her tools in a case on her desk, which she placed back without cleaning once she used them.  She asked if I’d like my cuticles cut, I declined. You’re not using your nasty cuticle remover on me.  Also, I had my own nail file I let her use.



I could have sworn that the Lifebooker Loot I purchased for the gel mani stated we can either get an Axxium or CND Shellac mani.  Well, once my sister and I reached Jean Leon (nail salon is located in the basement of the salon), we were told to choose only from the CND Shellac products.  Bummer.  I did want to try axxium.  I quickly got over that, and chose CND Shellac’s Hot Pop Pink, and waited for my manicurist.  Nope, I don’t know her name because she didn’t even greet me! Very rude. 

She rushed to do my nails.  Wasn’t friendly.  No smile… nothing.  Not much of the staff were friendly, not only to me, but to other patrons in the establishment.  Seriously, we’re coming here to give YOU business, and you act like you’re doing us a favor? 

My nails did come out nicely, however, I will not go back.  I can’t stand bad customer service.  Also, we shall see if this mani lasts a full two weeks.



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  1. I truly hope that management from that Salon reads this review. Regardless if we purchased certificates at half price, we should have still received the service as if we paid full price. My nails look great but, I would never go back there.

  2. Kim,

    I just found your blog and have to say I am impressed (the irony of this is that the reason I came across you blog was I was looking for reviews of the imPRESS press-on manicure). I am bummed that i don't live in NYC given the honest opinions you give on service providers as well as actual physical products. I have a few friends that live up this way that I will be passing on this site so that they can stay up to date on the things you review. I find your reviews to be really helpful because they are so honest. Sadly I live down south in Memphis, TN and will be trying to find someone here in Memphis who provides the same sort of reviews you do. I will however continue to read your blog when ever possible because you really seem to know your stuff. I will share with you one little useful piece of information i found when i looked up the Polish Bar Brooklyn that is mentioned in your article. Apparently they are celebrating their 5th anniversary and running some sales on stuff that particularly interests you, especially the gel manicures which they are offering on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for $25, only THREE dollars more than the place you got so much horrible service and had to have a coupon just to get that. They also have a mani, pedi, and martini party deal for a reasonable price I would love to take advantage of. Anyway 😀 thanks for your honesty and integrity, they are rare and appreciated.

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