It seems as though everyone is getting into cosmetics these days.  Now we have super stylist, Rachel Zoe in the mix.  Anything with her stamp of approval, people will flock to, which is probably why the makers of Exude, Diane Breidenbach and Laurence Mille,  partnered with her to be the spokesperson for their lipstick.

Exude is described as not being your regular lipstick (I wish I had pictures to show you.  Hopefully I will have pictures and/or swatches soon!)

The lipstick is packaged in a clear, plastic tube, where the product is squeezed through a tiny hole at the top onto a textured surface.  This feature eliminates the messiness other lip products cause, such as melting onto other things, drying out etc. You’re also able to control application of the product.


The lipstick will retail for $29, comes in 14 different shades, and will be sold online.

How many of you will purchase this lipstick?


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  1. Anxiously awaiting to order a few shades! If RZ endorses it, then I'm ready to try this new crystal tip. Sounds maje!!

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