Nylon Magazine (July 2011) has revealed that nine LUCKY beauty bloggers were chosen to not only tour the MAC cosmetics factory, but were able to create their very own, self-customized product!  This all went down in April.  I was immediately jealous and happy for them all, at the same time.  Like I said, nine were chosen, however, only four of the bloggers were featured in the article.  Of course Afrobella‘s Patrice Yursik, and Temptalia‘s Christine Mielke were two of the nine selected.  The other two featured in the article were Beauty Maverick‘s Lily Nima, and Beauty Blogging Junkie‘s Amber Katz.  Each blogger had the opportunity to create either a lipglass or eyeshadow.


The one product that I am looking forward to purchase is Afrobella’s “All of My Purple Life”, which she hopes to be  “the perfect purple for women of color.”

Temptalia created an emerald green eyeshadow, inspired by a vintage earing, which she’ll call “Jealousy Wakes.”

Beauty Maverick created a persimmon-colored lipglass named “Caqui”, inspired by artwork from Eugenio Recuenco.

Beauty Blogging Junky created a brownish bronze eye shadow with flicks of gold glitter that she named “Sparkle nealy, sparkle”.  This shadow was inspired by Valley of the Dolls.


All nine products will be available for purchase on beginning June 21, 2011


Will you purchase anything from this collection?

What do you think about beauty bloggers having their own beauty products?


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  1. i wouldnt pass it up ofcourse after doing swatches they look pretty interesting is it going to be a collection or just things they going to add to the permanent line?

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