Finally, spring is here!  It’s time to shed those chunky, cozy sweaters, stop hibernating and head out to meet your next best fling!  Before you head out you must make sure you are looking the part to meet the potential guy who may steal your heart.

According to’s “5 Easy Tips To Successfully Land A Date This Spring”, Ladies, Ask Guys Out:

“Men and women are asking one another out at equal rates and in fact, ladies are at a slight advantage. Dates proposed by women get an average of 5.8 responses each, while men get about 5.5.”


Before you ask that lucky man (or men) out, & to ensure you lock down that date, fmake sure you’re “on-point” with these tips:

Keep the makeup light

Use a tinted moisturizer, blush/bronzer, mascara, and a fun, flirty lip color.

FYI: Orange, Fuchsia & Hot Pink lips are “on” for spring.  Don’t like gloss or lipstick? Try a tint.



OCC Lip Tar - Demure
OCC Lip Tar Safety Orange



What to have with you at all times

A compact/mirror, blotting paper or powder, and your favorite lippie  for touch-ups.

You should also carry some breath strips, altoids or gum, and a small bottle of perfume to re-fresh during the date.  Also, when wearing perfume, you don’t want to put too much to the point you smell like a perfume factory; this could really impact how long he wants to stay near you.  I know you want to smell good, but when you apply too much, the scent becomes overwhelming, and sometimes nauseating.

-Remember a good attitude, personality, open-mind & a smile!

Note: It’s okay to add a few extra touches to enhance yourself; however, you should not go for a complete opposite look of how you normally look.  It’s kind of like false advertisement.  Nothing is more attractive than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin!


Now that you have the look down,  make sure the date is set and solid at HowAboutWe.Com!



2-Part Dates Have the Most Success: 60% of the most responded to dates are two-fold: a short, active first part followed by a more intimate second location.  Example: “How about we practice our slices at the driving range then get some slices at my favorite brick-oven pizza joint – it’s just a few blocks away.

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  1. I love both of those colors on you! I can't wear such a bright orange but you certainly can! It looks great.

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