I just had my daughter 2 weeks ago, so I was unable to attend IMATS.  My good friend and fellow blogger, Janique of Hergoodybag.com went to IMATS NY on Saturday to cover it for me.  Thanks a bunch Janique!

This will be post #1 for Janique of Hergoodbag.com’s coverage of IMATS New York 2011. There were many companies who specialized in fantasy, face art and fx makeup. I was amazed. These artist are beyond talented. A few of the companies that were represented were


There was also a class Zombies 101: Intro to Creature Creation instructed by Tate Steinsiek.

Class Description:
Face Off
finalist Tate Steinsiek will discuss quick and easy solutions for creating hordes of the undead. Using multiple models and covering different levels of work with standard make-up and appliances, Steinsiek will demonstrate a range of looks and techniques.

One of the most important things that Tate said was to start out with a versatile mold. You should’nt create hundreds of molds for each zombie. Start out with a basic mold that can be manipulated and this will save you a lot of time.



I was truly impressed with the craftsmanship of all the artist from the various FX and Face Art companies.




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