At some point in our lives we’ve all suffered from a breakout here and there. If you’re one of the lucky ones who hasn’t I HATE you! .:just kidding:.

Here are some tips that will help you limit and prevent the number of breakouts you experience.

1.  Wash your face at least twice a day (no more) with warm water.  Over washing can dull and damage your skin.

2.  Exfoliate at least once per week to remove dead skin cells.

3.  If you use a face cloth to wash your face, stay away from colored cloths; try sticking with white.  The dye’s used can be a cause of your breakout.

3.  Never use the same rag on your face that you do on your body!  Your face should be the cleanest part of your body, and you shouldn’t spread germs from other areas (anus, vagina, armpits) onto your face.

4.  Try keeping your hair off of your face. Oils and chemicals from the products you use may be the cause of your breakouts.

5.  Use non-comedogenic products. These products do not clog pores.

6.  If you workout or tend to sweat often, wash the sweat off of your face. Use a facial cleansing wipe. I tend to use baby wipes.

7. Don’t pop your pimples.  You pose the threat of spreading germs onto other areas of your skin.

8.  See your dermatologist to develop a skincare treatment plan that works specifically for you.   

9.  Don’t touch your face. 

10.  Take your vitamins.

11.  Drink water.  Keep your skin hydrated.

12. Eat Healthy (more fruits and vegetables).

13.  Makeup wearers, sanitize your makeup, and clean your brushes often.

What are some things that have worked for you when you suffered from breakouts?


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  1. This post is right on time for me. Notice I started breaking out again. I didn't know that about the color of your towel.

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