I was too impatient to wait for OPI to come out with their similar product, Black Shatter top coat, so on December 9, 2010 I ordered the Barry M Nail Effects top coat, which is similar to OPI’s Black Shatter (sold out everywhere). MY Nail Effects came yesterday! Over a month waiting for my order and it’s finally here.

Last night, as soon as I opened my packaged I tested the product on my nails and this is the result:

I like the result of the polish. Plus, it was pretty simple to achieve (one coat), and it dried pretty quickly).  I will review how long it actually lasts in a later post. I still want the OPI Black Shatter!

Where can you buy this?
I ordered mine from the Barry M website, which is in the UK. That’s not why it took long to come. After receiving an email saying my order was dispatched a few days after my initial order, I was expected to receive it late December. I sent Barry M several emails, tweets, and DM’s via twitter, and EVENTUALLY I got a response saying my order was on backorder. When were you going to let me know??? One thing that pisses me off is horrible customer service. Due to them not notifying me of the status of my order even after me contacting them I will probably not order from them again, and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else.

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  1. i want the barry m or the OPI version but it bet it's gonna be one of those elusive things that escapes my grasp like that hidden treasure polish from sally hansen. i hope to get over it soon.

  2. Google Images. I was going to do a post on the OPI Black Shatter and was looking for pics and there were quite a few pics where the polish just looked cheap and chipped.

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