In September, Makeup Artist, Deshawn Hatcher hosted a contest on her blog to win over $800 worth of beauty products!  To my surprise, I WON!  I’ve won small blog contests here and there, but, nothing as big as this! I am so excited! You have no idea.  I have tried to stay away from purchasing makeup and other beauty related items since I am trying to save money for this little girl I have on the way.  This is definitely a blessing!


Some of the products I won Include:

INUOVI COSMETICS– Foundations, blushes, skin illuminators etc.

BIOSILK PRODUCTS-Shampoo, Conditioners,

Thermal Spray & more

ED HARDY’s -Protools-flat iron &  blow dryer


Nail products –and more

Check out her blog, especially if you’re an aspiring MUA. She gives great tips.

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