Thanks to the good ole pregnancy hormones (reference), my nails are growing super fast; if I cut them low, I’ll have some length in a week or so; however, they have become so dry, and they peel (see pic below) that the length doesn’t last too long.  I haven’t polished my nails for maybe a month now for this reason, and because I ran out of my Essie 3-Way Glaze, which I love.

If you follow me on twitter you might have seen me ask for suggestions for something that will help my nails while they’re like this.  Someone suggested OPI’s Nail Envy Base, but the place I get my polish from didn’t have it.  Another person suggested Nailtiques.  Nail Max International, where I buy most of my polishes now sold both Nailtiques ($12) and Nail Tek ($7).  I ended up purchasing the Nail Tek II: Intensive Therapy since it does the same thing, and was cheaper. I didn’t feel like wasting my money on something that isn’t going to work, especially since I am trying to save.

Claims:  Intensive Therapy helps heal weak, thin, soft or peeling nails. This unique protein formulation seals the layers of the nail together. With each application, Intensive Therapy reinforces and thickens nails while promoting strength and flexibility.

I just bought it today.  I will try it out first, then post my review after a few weeks of seeing how it works.

Have you tried any of these products?

If so, how did you like or not like them?

What would you recommend?

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