As it begins to get cooler your skincare routine should change as well. Here are some tips Eucerin suggests so you can put your Skin FIRST this winter and keep your skin and body healthy all the way into Spring 2011!

“I have enough going on during the winter – why should I add my skin to my to-do list?”

With the upcoming holidays, planning of winter activities and visiting family and friends, you don’t want to add one more thing to your day. But dry skin can occur when your skin is exposed to temperature changes like dry, cold or windy weather – and don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just the outdoor weather that can harm you, indoor heat can cause skin to dry out as well.

Dry skin affects up to 20 percent of the population and can put skin at risk for bacterial, viral and fungal infections, making moisturizing extra necessary. Moisturizers like Eucerin Plus Smoothing Essentials bind water to the skin for long lasting moisturization. The result: a softer and more elastic stratum corneum with strengthened protective properties.

 “I use moisturizers and cleansers on my body when I shower, is that good enough?”

When you’re cleaning and moisturizing, don’t forget about your hands. Some people tend to forget how important they are to overall skin health and focus on their face and neck. Your hands get into everything, from scalding hot water in the kitchen sink to the freezing cold outdoor temperatures. You can protect your hands by choosing washes and moisturizers designed to replace lost lipids, maintain the physiological pH of your hands’ stratum corneum and promote skin’s natural renewal process.   Also, when going outside in the cold weather, always wear gloves!

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  1. Wintertime can be hard on the skin. Cold weather, wind, and dry indoor air can suck moisture from your skin. Regular use of a moisturizer is important, even for those with acne. If your skin is feeling very dry and you have uncomfortable peeling and flaking, you may want to scale back use of your acne fighting creams and ointments. Please Enter Me!

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