I’m getting older plus, I am having a baby (read my other BLOG) so my needs have definitely outweighed my wants lately.  Christmas to me is for the children; however, I am appreciative of whatever I receive from my family and friends.

On that note, here are a few things I’ve REALLY REALLY Wanted for the longest!

1. Clarisonic!

Reading people’s blog posts and reviews about this product just makes me so jealous!

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2.  Flat/Riding Boots

There are three pair I REALLY like  & want in this category.  I’m really tired of people asking me “Why are you wearing heels? You’re not supposed to when you’re pregnant.”   Well, heels are all I have. Buy me some flats!

Sam Edelman Pierce Over-the-Knee Boot

Vince Camuto Fay Boot (SOLD OUT in the  size & color I need)

BCBG Generation Adrice Boot

3. Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin

4. Face Forward by Kevyn Aucoin

5. Cozy Slippers

6.  Socks, Tights, Jeggings/Riding Pants

7.  Chunky Sweaters

8. Cute Hat & Scarf Set (Black)

9. Gift Cards

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?

Stuck on what to get your family & friends? CLICK HERE

13 Comments on Kim Porter’s Christmas Wishlist

  1. I would love to have Clarisonic too! Sam Edelman's pair is my fave outta the three 🙂

    Great wishlist, I'm gonna do a wishlist post soon. Hopefully ppl will get us what we want, lol!

  2. i have a clarisonic mia but im with u on boots and giftcards. i'll also accept cash. the ultimate would be student loan repayment but thats some oprah stuff…

      • i love it! i noticed a difference in my skin immediately. i recently had an acne flare up but i got a new cleanser and it's back to normal. i feel like it's the only thing that gets my make up off to my satisfaction.

    • I was using purpose. I bought korres foaming cream cleanser w/ milk proteins and I like it better for the cooler weather. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  3. I told you that I am gaining your pregnancy weight lol. My lists mainly consists of bottoms. I need jeans , skirts, and pants because nothing fits! I also want a pair of suede boots and a nice watch. I’m sure my list will grow in like a week lol

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