A few weeks back Kitty Bradshaw hosted one of her blogger experiences for individuals who had blogs on WordPress.  This one featured nRelate, which is an on-line technology company that offers relevant related content to online publishers.  Check their site for more information.

At this session, the bloggers in attendance were not overwhelmed with information related to nrelate products. It was more so a forum where each individual spoke about issues they had with blogging, and what they would like to see to better their blogging experience.  nRelate offered their expertise, and even suggested a few critical items (plug-ins) every blogger should have, which included a back-up plug-in. nRelate also wanted to learn ways they would be able to help bloggers by designing a product that would satisfy most of their blogging needs.

Do I have the nRelate plugin? Yes, I do.  I actually like it.  Prior to using this plug-in, I used other related content plug-in’s such as, Another Related Post, and LinkWithin.  Linkwithin worked in blogger, but never seemed to work here on WordPress. Another related post just showed the link of the posts without a picture, which wasn’t eye-catching at all.

I like the nrelate plug-in because it links other posts with a picture, and you also have the option of linking posts from other blogs (on your blogroll who use nrelate) that have the same or similar content. This, in turn, draws traffic to your blog.

All-in-all, this was a great meetup.  It was not only informative, it was fun as well. I also got to meet a new group of bloggers.

Thanks Kitty for putting this together!

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