Friday, August 27th was my 26th birthday (Virgo’s are the BEST!).  The only thing I knew I had to lok forward to was a doctor’s appointment that day. Until, I walked into my room and found a large box that had a card attached with ‘Kimmy Keeper’ on it .:cheesing:.  So, I walked into the living room and asked my boyfriend if the box was for me (I knew it was .:lol:.  He went onto say I’m such a brat etc and began to tease me.

First, I read the card which looked like a composition notebook.  It was really cute! I love cards.  Then, I ripped open the wrapping paper.  I saw a FURLA box! Could it be the bag that I’ve wanted for MONTHS! Yes, it was.  I was so happy! It didn’t end there. Inside the bag were tickets to see Memphis the Musical, as well as a bottle of Lola by Marc Jacobs (I ran out of my previous bottle).  After all of that, we got ready for my doctor’s appointment. Who goes to the doctor on their birthday?! I do, and if this appointment didn’t go well, it amounted for a horrible birthday.

After spending a few hours at doctor, we went to catch the 8:00 PM show of Memphis.  This was such a great play! The dancing, and the singing were on-point.  To top it off, Alfre Woodard came to see it that night along with her daughter.  The play was almost 3-hours long, but, it was worth it.  We went home right afterwards because I was pooped!

I was supposed to have a little get-together at my house Saturday afternoon, however, while I was away NYC apparently had bad weather, and my peach tree was knocked down, and my yard was a mess. I was in no shape to clean it so I opted to have Sunday brunch at a local spot called Beast.

The food here was just okay .:IMO:. I had french toast and chicken sausage.  The service was just okay as well.

Thank you Shannon, Karima, Shani, Janique, Tiff, David, Unique and Sekou for coming out.

Thank you Shannon for the Scott Barnes Book! I’ve wanted this for the past year now.

Thanks Karima for hooking me up with these OCC products!

The biggest thank you goes to God for giving me the best birthday gift ever – another year of life, and a new life.  Check out my new blog Beauty & The Bump (work-in-progress).

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  1. Wow! Congratulations on the pregnancy! I just browsed your new blog and it's great that you're chronicling your progress. Continued prayers for you and your significant other!


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