Let me begin by saying, I am very happy with my new makeup.  On Saturday, September 11, 2010, I along with my sister/makeup artist Kim went shopping at the MAC Boutique located in Brooklyn Heights.  It was there that Kim, along with one of the store associates helped me in my purchase of a concealer to cover not only my blemishes, but also the dark circles that appeared under my eyes a few months ago; a face powder called ‘Mineralized Skin Finish’ in Dark (I would probably be a lighter shade Medium Deep or Medium Dark, but I have a tan from my cruise vacation, so I will purchase one of those shortly); some brow set in “Show-Off” because according to my personal make-up artist/consultant, the eyebrows are one of the important focal points to a flawless face; and my final purchase was a powder blush, which I absolutely love in the color “Sweet as Cocoa”. 



Once I had all of my purchases, Kim surprised me and purchased a MAC #224 blending brush for me.  Even with her discount, I would never pay that much for a makeup brush …Thanks Kim!!!  Our day of cosmetic shopping ended by us walking down the block to Ricky’s to purchase what I think is one of the best moisturizers ever called ‘Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre’.  My first experience using this moisturizer was on the cruise.  It is so lightweight and doesn’t leave my already oily skin shiny. 


I’d like to end this post by repeating one of the compliments I received yesterday morning as I was dropping my son off at the bus stop.  One of the mothers said “Wow, you look so pretty today”…  I responded by saying ‘Who me?”, and all the other moms and even one dad shouted “yes you!”  So thank you Kim.  I will be utilizing your services pretty soon…  BTW… don’t you owe me a makeover since I got my hair cut?!!

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  1. Cool post! Lol @Kinda! You got a free brush! You don’t get the make-up too. Only I, her favorite, am allowed that privilege.

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