Maybe a month or so back in my Frontal Baggage Dilemma rant post I talked about all of the issues I have with the size of my breasts.  I was wearing a 32DD bra, which I knew was wrong in cup size; I thought I was a 32DDD/E.  Either way, it’s hard to find clothing items and bra’s in those sizes.

Intimacy Third Ave & 63rd Street

Yesterday, afterwork I went to Intimacy – the Bra Fit Specialists for a free bra fit makeover.  They have locations in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and more (visit their site for locations).  According to their site…

85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.

65% want more comfort from their bra.

47% don’t know what styles are complimentary.

They Don't Use Tape Measures

My experience:

I didn’t have an appointment.  One is necessary or else you’ll be wait listed, which can have you sitting there for up to an hour like I was.  The wait was worth it.  I got into a fitting room and was given a pair of shorts to put on because I had a dress on.  My Bra Fit Expert was Molly (sweet lady).  She came in, and told me how they do the fitting, and asked me some questions about the bra’s I normally wear.  She then brought my in front of a mirror with my back facing her, and assessed my situation.  Her first words were “Wow, you have a tiny, tiny little back.” I would definitely put you in a 30 band width. She asked the colors I preferred and the styles I liked.  She left the room and came back with several different bras for me to try-on.  I just want to warn you that the fittings performed there are VERY HANDS-ON.  I took off the bra I wore (in front of Molly), and she helped me into all of the ones she brought in for me.  Tucking my breasts in each cup, and making the necessary adjustments.  When we were done,  I had David come in to see which he thought were best out of the ones she chose and I liked.  I ended up getting two bra’s and added a few items to the in-store wish list that I will go back to pick up later on.  The bra’s there are a little expensive.  The ones I got were $69 and $86.

Overall, I was satisfied with my experience there.  I could definitely tell and feel the difference between what I was wearing before and the new bra’s.  The name of the store fits perfectly because it’s such an intimate experience.  My guess on my correct bra size was wrong.  I am a 30DDDD/G Cup.  Humongous. I am definitely getting a breast reduction after I have children.

Note: I was last “fitted” at the Victoria’s Secret in Herald Square a few years ago, in which the clueless clerk told me my measurements, and said, “Yeah, we don’t carry your size.”  That is what I already knew it was a test.

Have you had your bra’s fitted before and were you satisfied?

Are you wearing the wrong bra size? What are you going to do about it?

8 Comments on My Intimacy – Bra Fit Makeover Experience

  1. I should have went there when I was in NYC. I have a similar problem the bands are always so big..blah blah blah. Im happy you got something tho 🙂

  2. Wow! I would have never guessed you were that big, I was fitted at Victoria Secret a while back and they were soo off on my measurements I'm only a 38C but the bras they gave me fit in the cup and were way uncomfortable in the rib area felt like someone was squeazing me…I learned my size through trial and error and just like you said I'm probably still wearing the wrong size….

  3. how come you're getting a reduction after you have kids? would it be harmful if you did before? i dont think it's a good idea to get implants before kids but you're taking out, not putting in.

    also, i dont know my bra size. ive been fitted at a couple of victorias secrets and told different things. i pretty much just grab 38 C because they feel the best but they still arent as comfortable as i'd like. also, ive learned that style definitely matters.

  4. I went to Victoria Secret and they said is was a 34 B…soooo wrong. I went to Fredericks to get fitted and I am a 32 D supposedly. I purchased some bras at that size and they were great, but Fredericks bras have way too much padding and it is not removable. 32 Ds are hard to find so I buy 34 C. I think I need to get fitted again. My mom and cousins go to intimacy. I think I may go when we get back from the trip.

  5. Hey Kim!
    Yes… My Intimacy is the best place to get fitted, but there bras are so so so expensive. However you get what you pay for the quality of the bras last a long time

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