Makeup Do’s


Play up your best features! Long eyelashes are to beautiful eyes what a short skirt is to great legs.

Use a light hand. Remember you can always add more makeup if you need it.

Blend! Blend! Blend!  There should be no “stripes” on your face. You’re a lady, not a quarterback.

Adjust the amount of make up to the time of day. LESS for day, more for night.

Use clean tools to do the job. Nothing is worse than using a dirty brush on a clean face.

Cover your clothes with a towel/cape before applying makeup. You don’t want to get messed up!

Practice and try new thingsthat’s how you’re going to get good, and comfortable with putting your best face forward



Makeup Don’ts


Go overboard. No need to wear layers of makeup. Clowns are cute…at the circus!

Focus on more than one feature at a time. Going for a strong lip? Then go easy on the eyes and vice versa too.

Think that makeup will hide all your problems. If you have skin issues like acne, work on clearing it up before you wear make-up regularly.

Fall into the trend trap. Just because you saw it in a beauty and style magazine doesn’t make it right for you!

Wear what you don’t love. Don’t let the lady at the beauty counter convince you that you look great when you think you look a hot mess.

Learning to use these makeup application tips isn’t hard. It’s 20% skill and 80% practice. As long as you stay far away from the no-no’s you’ll be fine!

BEST PART: If you’re not satisfied with your work, use a makeup remover, wash your face and start over. Remember, it’s not permanent (unless you want it to be but that’s another story!)


O.k., now that you know what and what not to do, time to hop to it.   Practice makes perfect!







5 Comments on Make Up Do’s & Don’ts

  1. I love these tips! I still need them after years of applying makeup. It's great that you can still post on your blog while you're on vacation 🙂

  2. Thanks for tips I never actually thought to practice more often. I don't wear makeup everyday but on the days I do I almost feel like I wish I could better apply it. I guess I should practice more often lol

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