If you’re a woman of color (black, hispanic, indian – anyone with tan to dark skin) you have a yellow base tone to their skin. So always choose makeup that has a yellow hue. But, some women do have reddish hues to their skin. The best way to figure out which tone, red or yellow, your skin is, try this:

After washing your face wait 10-15 minutes before applying any toners or moisturizers. Then look in the mirror and you should see either red or yellow tones to your complexion. Which ever color stands out more is the foundation hue you should choose.
Stay Away From products (powders, foundations, concealers) that contain titanium dioxide. Products containing titanium dioxide will make darker skin tones look ashy and dry. Also make sure that before applying your makeup that you are not using moisturizers that contain Titanium dioxide because this too can make your skin appear ashy.
Many African Americans naturally have more oil in their skin. Which is why the age slower than lighter skin. Most often the darker your skin the more oil is being produced. This just means you’ll receive wrinkles much later than most women. To achieve a matte, shine free complexion choose powders that are one shade than you would normally choose. Oil has a tendency to make your complexion look darker than it actually is. So if your oil production is high choose a color one shade lighter than your complexion.
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