Without my phone (blackberry).  I accidentally left my phone on my bed, and I have no one to bring it to me .:tear:.  I could have sworn I dropped it in my bag before I left. I do have… my charger! .:LOL:.  I guess I can actually get a lot of work done today because I don’t have my phone to distract me.


Just a heads up if you didn’t know already – NY Restaurant Week has been extended to September 6, 2010. Check the menu here

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  1. Just a quick question (this is very much not relevant to this post at all but…) at the beginning of the summer I had a really good relationship with my skin specifically my oily face now it has gotten so out of hand I'm not sure what is different now besides a little bit less water (those it have that much of an effect on my skin) what facial products would you recommend for my skin type?

    • I can’t really determine what would really work for your skin because I don’t “know” it. I don’t want to recommend something that may end up not working for you. I will suggest that you visit a dermatologist or esthetician. Either of the two will be able to sugggest and come up with a personalized regiment that will work best for you. Hope that helps.

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