MAC’s releasing way too many collections at once it seems. I’m probably passing on the Digipops collection, and .:gasp:. the Venomous Villains, as well as the Feline Collection.  I don’t really need anything from any of those.  What I did see that I want are a few items from the Dare to Wear Collection.  You can see all of the collection on Temptalia’s site.

U.S. Launch Date: July 29th, 2010

What do I want from this collection?


The very 1st item I saw that I felt I needed was the Sassy Grass Eyeshadow, which is a bright matte grassy green color.  I’ve wanted a green like this for a while, and the only one I have that’s close to it is in my 120 palette.



I also want…

Louder Please – Bright Fuschia (Matte)


Shock-a-holic – Deep purple (matte)


Atlantic Blue Eyeshadow – Bright Violet Blue (Matte)


As you can see I love mattes and brights! .:LOL:.


I’m not sure if I will get any of the lip products from this collection. I will have to see them in-person in order to make a decision.

Do you plan on getting anything from this collection or any of the others mentioned above? If so, what?

If not, why?

5 Comments on Wishlist: MAC Dare to Wear Collection

  1. There is another Collection, I cant keep up. I need MAC to put out one big collection that I can fall in love with. The Purple shadow is calling my name.

  2. the purple seems too similar to MUFE #92 which i own. i have my eye on zingy, lime, and aqua. im getting zingy for sure. idk about the other two. i always find myself getting limited edition lip products so im focusing on shadows right now.

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