Some of the readers of my blog wanted me to do a post about the things i lug around in my bag from day-to-day.  Forgive me for finally getting around to doing one.

This is a Furla bag my boyfriend purchased for me when we first started dating two years ago. It needs to be cleaned badly.  Anyone know if they clean bags?

Close-up of what’s inside

This is a large bag. I love large bags because I love to carry around a bunch of what men would say are unnecessary things.

1.  Book I’m currently reading: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  This book has inspired me in so many ways. I’m not even done with it yet.

2. Hot Pink Clinique Makeup Bag: This is a great makeup bag for traveling since it has a zipper compartment at the bottom that can hold brushes or pencils.

3. My blackberry charger: My blackberry isn’t in the picture because it’s ALWAYS in my hand.

4. Black Furla Wallet: This was also a gift from my boyfriend.  He got it for me Christmas of last year.

5. Michael Stars Butterfly Shades: I actually purchased these from last year. I can’t remember the price. I love them.

6. A Pen: Everyone needs a pen in their bag. You never know when you’re going to have to write something down.

7.  My house key: I have another set of keys that has tons of keys and things on it. I prefer going through the bottom, which requires only one key, and it doesn’t weigh my bag down.

8.  Lip gloss: It’s funny, I just noticed they are all similar colors.  The one directly under the sunglass case is Coy Lip Gloss by Youngblood Cosmetics.  It looks clear on me & has a great shine.  The other two are MAC; Beaute & Pinkarat mini’s.

9.  MAC Blot powder: I use this to take away surface oils during the day, and it has a mirror, so I use it for that purpose too.

10.  Spare pair of earrings: Every woman should carry a spare pair of earrings.  Sometimes I leave the house in a rush & forget to put some on.  I have a pair in each bag just for that purpose.  I feel & look bare without them.

11. Carmex: I like this over blistex, which burns my lips.  It’s my go-to item when I don’t want to wear any lipgloss or makeup at all. It’s great for the winter months too!

12. Hand Lotion: This one is Jergens. I ran out of my Johnson & Johnson’s baby creamy oil, so I put this in my bag. It’s working for it’s purpose.  Every woman needs some type of moisturizer in their bag, especially if you wash your hands a lot.

This is what’s in the Clinique Makeup Bag I carry around.

***There is a MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NC50) under the MSF Natural that I use to touch-up with if needed.

1. MAC MSF Natural – Dark

2. MAC Blush Ombre – Ripe Peach.  This gives a nice flush of color.

3. Coastal Scents Kabuki Brush – I use this to put on the MSF Natural.  It’s cracking. It was a cheap brush so I expected that.

4. MAC L/S in Funbathing – I think this looks good with anything.

5. AVON SuperShock Mascara – Black Noir.  Even if you don’t have eyeshadow on, mascara can open up your eyes.

6. SS109 Brush – I use this to apply my blush.

Clueless on what essentials should be in your purse?

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What’s in your bag?

Please let me know if you enjoyed this post.

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  1. Kim, you can take your bag to a cobbler or shoe repair shop. Ask them if they clean and repair leather.

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