Yesterday evening, myself along with Janique of attended the Bastille Day Soiree hosted at Phyto Universe.   The event lasted from 6pm – 8pm, and included a mini French lesson, the importance of having a good skincare regimen, the difference between American and Europeen women when it comes to taking care of your skin and body, and haircare.

Bastille Day is the French national holiday. In France, it is formally called La Fête Nationale (National Celebration) and commonly le quatorze juillet (the fourteenth of July). Bastille Day commemorates the Storming of the Bastille of July 14th, 1789.


The French lesson that was given by Alliance Francaise was helpful, in that it enabled us to know what the many different terms were on the product labels.  We learned terms…

For the hair – Pour le cheveux

For the skin – Pour la peau

A hint of perfume – Une touche de parfum



Catherine Raubiet, the Lierac National Training Director provided us with some important skincare tips, and statistics. Check here for more tips.

One thing that stood out most to me was that in Europe, females begin to get facials as young as age 14.  AND facials are done as often as once a month! In contrast, American women view facials as a luxury and not a necessity. 


American Women VS European Women

– American women focus on covering up instead of preventing and treating the problem

– European women wear very light makeup to enhance their natural beauty

Very important fact for all women to know – 98% of women worldwide have cellulite! So don’t think you’re alone.



Celebrity Hairstylist and salon owner Julien Farel also gave the group of ladies tips on haircare for the summer.  A tip that he mentioned that I know of, but don’t do is suncare protection for the hair. 

Protecting your hair from the sun is important to keep it from becoming damaged and dry.

Going to the beach or to the pool?

Put Condition in your hair BEFORE you go into the pool or to the beach.  This helps control the chlorine, and prevents color change.

For African American hair, he recommended Phytospecific moisturizing styling balm.


The giftbags…


Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask for suppleness and shine. It regenerates your hair and your hair regains softness and elasticity.

Lierac Paris Diopti Demaq– Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. It is a crystal-gel that removes makeup from eyelids and lases with leaving an oily film. Vitamin B5 and keratin derivatives help prevent the loss of lashes and restore their strength, suppleness and thickness.

Caron  Paris Fleur de Rocaille  eau de toilette natural spray.




I just want to say hello to the following people I met at the event last night:

Felicia – This That Beauty

Shaunequa – Temple of Glam

Misha – The Fab Chick

Wanda Man – Black Dress Traveler

Judene Walden – The Source & JONES Magazine

Tracey Ferguson – JONES Magazine


I also went to Sephora to pick-up a CoverFX – MatteFX Oil Absorbing & Blotting Powder ($24).



I got dark…



***Some of the photo’s from the Phyto Bastille Day Event are courtesy of

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