MAC Pigment- Later

MAC Pigment – Partylicious

MAC Cremesheen Glass – I Want Candy

I love everything I purchased from this collection, especially ‘Later’ since I don’t have a very deep black-purplish pigment or eyeshadow like that, and I love ‘I Want Candy’ because it’s different.  Who has a yellow lip gloss? Another cool thing about this cremesheen is, when it’s placed on-top of a red or pink lip stick it turns it a coral color.

***You can see the product packaging in my haul by CLICKING HERE

Did you get anything from the Alice + Olivia Collection?

8 Comments on MAC Alice + Olivia Swatches

  1. now im thinking i should have gotten i want candy. i wanna turn some things coral. that way, i wont have to repurchase lychee luxe. i doubt it will sell out. i have some time.

  2. Such gorgeous colors! I thought I was gonna pass on this collection, but those pigments are fab. Thanks for the swatches.

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