My favorite of the three is Tazo Chai Spiced Black Tea Latte Concentrate.  You’ve probably had this in Starbucks if you’ve ever gotten a Chai Tea Latte (iced or hot). I LOVE IT!!! It’s easy to make too! Yo’re better off buying this for $3.49 instead of paying $5 a cup for it at Starbucks.

The Celestial Seasonings Chai Tea in Sweet Coconut Thai is something I purchased today from Fairway.  This one is a spiced red tea. A friend of mine suggested I try coconut tea, but I was only able to find this.  It tastes good.

The last box of Celestial Seasonings  Chai Tea in Indian Spice is a black tea like the Tazo. Tazo tastes much better .:IMO:.


Do you have a favorite tea?

If anyone has ever tried a good coconut tea they can recommend let me know please.

8 Comments on Can you guess my favorite flavor of tea?

    • Peppermint tea is also good for a steam facial & opening up your nasal pathway when you’re stuffy! I don’t really drink it though. Only when I’m sick.

  1. i love chai tea in the fall/winter or on cool days.. i had one today because the rain made it a bit cool here and very apropros

  2. I love any and every kind of tea. Hot or cold, I drink tea all day everyday. I love chai teas as well as any fruity flavored ones.

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