8 Questions Tag : ) Hey everyone! I was tagged by Hershley at Hershley’s Sweet Kiss!  Make sure you guys check out her page!

The person who tags you comes up with 8 questions, which you answer. Then you come up with 8 questions of your own for the people you tag! Here are the questions I have to answer:

1. When was your first Kiss?

– To be honest, I do not remember.  I guess it wasn’t that special .:lol:.

2. Whats you favorite Song on ALL time…not just a trendy song?

– Prince “Diamonds & Pearls” (It’s going to be one of my wedding songs)

3. What is your favorite make up product?

– Lip gloss.  My favorite one is Nymphette by MAC

4. How many pictures you take for your blog, compared to how many actual make it to your blog?

– I’d say 80% of the ones I actually take for my blog make the cut, especially since I don’t take that many specifically for my blog. Personal pictures are another story.

5. Do you like Nicki Minaj? (do you know who she is?)

-Not a fan. Love her makeup though.  I know who she is because she went to high school with my sister.

6. Whats you favorite Book?

– Kite Runner & A Thousand Splendid Suns. Another book, which I’m reading now, Eat, Pray, Love is another fave & a life changer!

7. Whats one thing you regret doing in the past year?

– No regrets

8. If the guy of your dreams could do one of the following things, which one do you pick?

– I’d say food & shopping spree since he already does the full body massage & romantic night thing.

I tag

My questions for them

1.  What are you looking forward to doing most this summer?

2.  If you could be anything you wanted (besides your current job) what would it be?

3.  Makeup in the summer? If so, what?

4. What’s your favorite beauty product of all time?

5.  What your idea of a perfect vacation?

6.  What’s your all-time favorite girl’s night out?

7.  What’s your favorite shoe style (heels, flats, sneakers, pumps, peep-toe etc)?

8.  What is your iddeal birthday?

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  1. Good tag 🙂 ! I've received my gift of the giveaway that I won. It's great! Thank you so much!


  2. wow, you have a beautiful blog!!!! I love it!
    thank you so much for the tag, I will do it as soon as I can.
    Lots of love!!!! =)

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