Tinted moisturizers are great products to use, especially in the summer months when you do not want to wear tons of makeup.  Last year I was using Artisty’s Tinted Moisturizer ($22) which has SPF.  I would also use Make Up For Ever’s (MUFE) Face & Body Foundation, which is waterproof.  I found most satisfaction with the MUFE Face & Body, but I would still consider the Artistry Tinted Moisturizer during the day because it has SPF.


While there are many excellent tinted moisturizers on the market, you may find that some are too dark, too light, too heavy, too oily, or not moisturizing enough – the list goes on.

If you still haven’t found your perfect tinted moisturizer, you can try this beauty secret for making your own tinted moisturizer that’s perfectly customized to fit your skin’s needs. 

***Mix one part foundation (powder, cream, or liquid) with two parts of your favorite moisturizer. 

Note: If you tend to get oily, stay away from oil-based mositurizers & products. Also, oil-based products in the summer & heat tend to make your skin feel & look greasy & dirty.

Application:  Use a #130 Duo Fibre Brush to stipple the moisturizer over the face to ensure even application. 

Making  your own tinted moisturizer allows you to easily adjust the color, and build up coverage.  If you need more coverage, add more foundation.

Want a tinted moisturizer to match and enhance your tanned skin,  or bring out your summer glow?  Just mix in a little powdered bronzer into your homemade tinted moisturizer or you can mix in some liquid illuminator drops in as well.


If you are not into making your own, Makeup Artist Sam Fine recommends Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20

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7 Comments on The Best Tinted Moisturizer Ever!

  1. I like Artistry's tinted moisturizer but, the shade is just not right. I'm a mixture of Tint 7 and Tint 6. I would definitely love for you to make a tint and bottle it specifically for me :o)

  2. I almost bought the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, but wasn't sure if it would really cover my dark circles! If I had a tan though, I'd go for it! I ended up with the Laura Mercier liquid foundation–which I really need to take time to review–and I love it!

  3. I should really start trying out more stuff with makeup but I'm so lazy XD
    and thats so funny that your aunt made a dress with the same material!

  4. I love Tinted Moisturiser! I have sensitive/slightly dry skin and Clinique's manages to make me look shiny and sparkly. No bueno! I'm using the Topshop one now though and I love it but as my skin is getting darker in the sun, I may give this a go.

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