The bathing suit that I wanted that my sister purchased for me was too big (CHECK THIS POST). The torso was too long, and because I have such large boobies, I looked a little like a pornstar .:LOL:. so I had to return it. .:WOMP WOMP:.

I ended up picking out these three. One is on back order. One of them I already have from two years ago, but in a solid color.  It fits me really well.

Back Ordered until 6/15/2010 – Good thing my trip isn’t until August 13th!


I already have this one in Lilac, and I look so good in it .:lol:.

I liked this print though.



I never had a sequined swim suit before. This one looked, fun, flirty & cute. I don’t think I have a pink suit anyway.  Triangle tops fit my large busts well too!

Any of you have issues when it comes to buying bathing suits?

If so, what?


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16 Comments on Swimsuit Buys & Dilemma

  1. Sigh. Bathing suit shopping is never fun or exciting or me. It is difficult to find a cute and sexy swimsuit because I am well endowed in both the breast & butt area, with a fairly small waist. The super cute and sexy swimsuits always make me look porn star-ish or I have too much side boob action going on. Or my butt swallows up the bottoms. Because of my shape, I end up trying on a large or extra large and I still have trouble. For example, the bottoms may cover my rear, but they are far too baggy in the waist. 🙁

    • It’s hard for me too because I’m a 32 DD (large breasts, small back), and a small bottom. I almost always have to buy separates because I have to get the largest top, and a small or xsmall bottom.

      You might have to just end up taking your swimsuits to the cleaners to get altered. I’ve done that for a lot of my swimsuits.

      • I definitely always buy separates…have to. I end up with an XL top and a M or L bottom. I never thought about having them altered though. I will look in to that. Thanks! 🙂

      • omg i never met anyone with the same size body as me.. boob wise and all.. girl it is the worst shopping for bras and bathing suits.. the problem with stores for bathing suits here they don't sell separates ugh.. i went to look for a swimsuit today but i didnt buy anything yet.. so i have yet to get one.. i always have to get tankinis which i think i shouldn't be wearing lol my belly is too flat haha

      • wow girl we are the same size .. i'm a 32DD as well.. and i also have a small butt… i never get nice bathing suits … cus in Trinidad they don't really sell separates down here =[ .. today i went browsing some suit suits really nice patterns, colours and styles.. but i have soon to get one that is not a tankini

  2. Love all three of those bathing suits. To bad you had to take the other one back it was really cute, but its better for you to find one that fits than you to go out and look like a porn star lol. I think I like the pink one the best, I love the fact that it has a solid bottom. The only problem I have with bathing suits is the bottom not fitting correctly… my butt is huge lol so I can never really find one that covers me completely.

  3. HellLLO Sexy sexy suits!!! Those are perfect. And the one that you already own in a solid color is HOT HOT HOT!!!!
    I bought a new suit for this season, also from Victorias Secret. I like it because it has support and isn't too flimsy. I don't feel like it is going to wash off in the first wave, you know?

  4. i've figured out your blog now. finally!

    i love the 2nd one for sure. it's perfect. my problem with bathing suits is that my top size is not the same as my bottom size but that seems to vary with the suit. but for the most part, it works itself out in the end.

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