I purchased these shoes a few years back in October during Miami Carnival in 2007.  They were on-sale for $19. i think the original price was $129? Anyway, it’s a funny story because I forbidden to spend. I put myself on a strict budget at the time.  My friend made me buy them because they were cute & on-sale for $19!  I made the clerk throw the box out, and stuffed the shoes in my large bag, & hid the shoes once i got back to my room .:lol:.

These sandals are very comfy too! I can walk in them all day.  Great shoe to bring a pop of color to any outfit.

Today, you can check out my blog post about the uses MAC’s #130 Duo Fibre Brush, which was re-released with the To The Beach Collection over at Opal Fusion Mag (CLICK HERE).

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14 Comments on Steppin’ Hot! + MAC’s #130 Brush

  1. Those shoes are awesome! Can't believe you only paid $19! What a deal.
    Great blog. You are so skilled. xo Style, She Wrote

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