This is one of the looks I did over the weekend.  She was wearing a black dress, and wanted a “rockstar” look to go with her fab haircut.  She already had beautiful skin.  I mean seriously, no blemishes, and very smooth.  There was very little I needed to do besides make everything (her skintone even), and cover up the dark circles on her eyes.  I forgot to mention the cheek bones! Girl had some gorgeous cheekbones!

Here are a few pics…Enjoy!

Work in-progress…

She loves it!

Do you like the end result?

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17 Comments on One of the faces I beat over the weekend…

    • I started with Benefits Stay Don't Stray….hence the lightness under the eyes… It's a primer for concealer and eyeshadow. I used mac carbon, embark, vanilla pigment, and these purple's from my 120 palette.

      Thank you

  1. Great job Kim, I love the colors, and her hair looks beautiful, girl does your back end up hurting you when you keep bending to do makeup, I worked on 3 people on Saturday and my back was killing me the next day.

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