I was debating doing a post about this, especially with pictures.  Anyway, so, you’re reading this now, which means I’ve decided to do it.  February of this year, I announced I joined a gym (CHECK THIS POST) since I was trying to lose some weight I’d put on.  Between then and now, I’ve lost 9lbs (maybe mor since I haven’t weighed myself in two weeks, which was my last doctor’s visit).  I’m down to 124 lbs .:yay:.

My goal was 123 lbs or 120 lbs. I’m almost there.  I need to be more conistent with going to the gym though.  I’ve been going in spurts.  My sister was supposed to be my partner, but she hasn’t been to reliable.

Here are the results (don’t mind the background). Oh, and the new bathing suit I got from VS.


I need a new navel ring! My stone fell out!!! Grrr

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