I can’t stress it enough that in the summer, heavy foundations and powders are unnecessary.  The least amount of product on your skin is best. 


Protecting your skin with a sunscreen and keeping it hydrated naturally with water, and an oil-free moisturizer is important during the hot & humid summer months, placing more emphasis on  healthy skin & not hiding behind makeup.   If your skin is clear & smooth enough, you can get away with wearing just a tinted moisturizer, concealer, bronzer (matte & cream bronzers are best) and blush, mascara, and a little lip gloss.  However, if you are oily, like myself, apply a mattifying primer prior to applying your makeup instead of using powder on top. Blotting sheets/paper are great to have too, especially to lessen makeup build-up.


In the summer you don’t want to forget your primers; that is your facial and eyelid primers.  In the heat, makeup tends to slide or melt off.  Primers will help keep your makeup from doing that, and lasting longer during the day.  Also, try using as many waterproof products as possible, such as paint pots for color on your lids; mascara & eyeliner to avoid raccoon eyes. 



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