Unless I have the product in-hand, I really do dislike posting about upcoming collection, especially since every beauty blog/makeup blog posts the promo pictures.  With that said,  MAC is coming out with yet another summer collection, called In The Groove, slated for debut on July 8th in the US and sometime in August for countries outside of the US.

As I was perusing the web, I came across these amazing photos of items from this collection on Yuki’s LAzy Channel.  Before I saw them, I just knew I wasn’t getting anything from In The Groove because a lot of the products are re-promotes.

Here are the items I wish to get from this collection:

Mineralize Skinfinish: Petticoat (I was unable to get it last time it was released) – Pale rose with gold and amber veining (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

Lipsticks: Call My Bluff, I Like it Like That, All Styled Up, & Go For It

Call My Bluff

All Styled Up

Go For It

Cream Sheens: You Got It (Mid-tone Silver Gray), On The Scene (Light Coral beige), Going Casual (Sheer Lilac)

Left to Right: Chillin’, Fashion Whim, Going Casual, On the Scene, Right Image, You’ve Got It

Mineralize Blush: New Vibe  (Satin deep rose/Pearly bronze), & Band of Roses (Satin blue pink/Pearly light plum)

Band of Roses

New Vibe

Do you plan to get anything from this collection? If so, what?

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5 Comments on MAC In The Groove Collection – Wishlist

  1. I probably won't get anything from the line; "summery" colors tend to not look that great on my pale features. I like lighter pinks now and then. I just don't have the face for their cosmetics!
    I found it interesting that a large portion of the line will be repeats! Is that common?

    • There's so much stuff in this collection, I'm sure there's something in it for you. Sometimes, especially if the item was popular when it was released before for ltd edition lines, they'll re-release it.

  2. i would love to get some stuff from MAC. it sounds like a great collection.
    also, i love that OPI polishes have such cute names–that is something ELF should work on. Glad you like my lilac polish. And I love my new camera! One of my best buys to date.


  3. I plan on getting at lease 6 of the eyeshadows and three of lipstick. I really feeling the "Go For It"

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