My frontal baggage has caused me problems since the day I had them! Seriously, it’s annoying.  I can’t find cute tops, dresses etc. that fit perfectly because my top is large while the rest of me is small.  I almost always have to get something altered.  That is costly.


It’s become even more annoying now that I noticed my bra’s don’t fit anymore.  I’ve lost weight (last I checked 9 lbs; I think it’s more now), and my boob’s seem to have increased in size! WTF! So,  I think I’m a DDD/E Cup now.  Imagine, I’m 5’3 124 lbs with those things.  Finding a nice bra is hard! I don’t want to spend $70+ on one bra! That’s insane to me. I’ve checked Bare Necessities, Fig Leaves, HerRoom, and Fredericks who I used to be able to get bra’s from, but they don’t sell my size anymore.


I can’t even buy from Victoria’s Secret.  They discriminate against large breasted women. .:LOL:. A few years back, when I was in college, I wrote them a nice letter telling them how unfair it was that they didn’t carry large cup sizes for small women like me (32 band width & below).  We like to wear sexy bra’s too!  Not just the regular, boring nude, white & black.   If I can find their response letter, I will post it.  I wasn’t too happy with their response though.   They basically said ins o many words that they don’t cater to full-figured women.  First off, I am small. There’s nothing full-figured about me, except my breasts.  Anyway…

Anyone out there with the same issue, who lives in the US (NYC)  know where to get good bra’s (convertibles/strapless) for my size, at an affordable price?  If so, let me know PLEASE!!!

Good News:  The Bathing Suits I bought (mentioned in this post) fit perfectly. I just have to get the band on one taken in 2-3 inches.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Girl, I can completely relate.
    I am a 40G and it is a pain in the butt to shop for bras, forget swimsuits,
    and tops without looking like a porn star.
    I Also teach so I always have to be careful how i present myself especially with my male students.
    Victoria's secret DOES discriminate for full-figured women. I was told once by a b*#%*y salesperson that they don't do
    my size and she said it with disgust..aargh
    so I go to Lane Bryant. I love their Cacique line. I get the full-size
    once a year or twice a year they have a buy 1 get 1 free and I stock up
    Unfortunately they don't carry my size in the store so I have to go to the store and they'll order it online for me and have it shipped.
    as for swimsuits, I still can't find one.

    • 40G! wow! I can’t even complain about mine then. I’m supposed to go to Intimacy in the city sometime next week, so I will see if I can find something.

  2. it took me years to accept myslf.. i still struggle with self esteem. It doesn't help that it is the first thing people notice on me..
    oh well…please let us know where you find a decent swimsuit

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