The weather is becoming increasingly warmer & nicer here in NYC & other states of course.   It’s just a taste of what this summer has to offer. It’s best to be prepared for when it actually hits.  It’s time for some summer beauty shopping!

Simplify Your Beauty Routine

As I’m sure you all know, your beauty regimen should change from season to season. What works for you during the winter usually isn’t what you should be using in the summer. 

1. Groomed Eyebrows – Eyebrows shape your face & can make a world of difference on how you look.

2. Tinted Moisturizer with SPF (I use MUFE Face & Body sometimes or Artistry’s Tinted Moisturizer -$22)

3. Lipgloss with SPF – Protect your lips & look good at the same time.  Wearing lip gloss can actually increase your risk of skin cancer, because the shinyness makes UV rays hit harder!

4. Bronzer – to give you a nice glow & sunkissed complexion. MUA Sam Fine suggests Covergirl Queen Collection’s Brown & Ebony Brown Bronzer for brown skinned women, which are affordable at $8 each. 

5.  Waterproof concealer – Cover dark circles or blemishes with something that won’t budge even if you sweat or take a swim.  I use MUFE’s Full Cover Concealer since it’s waterproof.

6. Don’t forget your waterproof Mascara! –  Max Factors 2000 Calorie Xtreme has always been my fave. I move between a few others now & then.



You must, must wear sunscreen, especially if you know you’ll be outdoors. Use at least an SPF 30 for prolonged exposure, and be sure to reapply every couple hours and whenever you come out of the water and towel off.

I love Aveeno’s Continuous Protection Sunblock Spray SPF50.

Have A nice bronzed Body

Since last summer, I’ve been using Carol’s Daughter Gelee de Soleil
SPF 15 Browning Oil ($15).  This stuff works.  I get a nice bronzy glow with it.  The great thing about it is you only need a little.

Check my blog post on how I achieve the perfect summer glow CLICK HERE

Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

Get a cool pair of shades that frame & fit your face well.  Make sure they represent you & your style.  Most importantly the UV protection should be high.

I have these Fly Chain Shades from Accessories Remix (Value $150)


I’m going to Florida this weekend. I’m definitely bringing these things along with a hot bathing suit of course!

What are your essential items for the summer?

7 Comments on Warm Weather (Summer) Must Haves

  1. Ew I didnt even think about lipgloss increasing the risk of sun damage 🙁 I guess I'll have to go smother myself in SPF lip balm before using it. I've had sunburnt lips once before, and it was SO unpleasant.

  2. Kim…you must forgive me, but clearly I wasn't following your blog. I thought I was already a follower. Anways…great post. I'm late on commenting as I will be on other posts as well. But I have to find a TM product. I'm hesitant to by MUFE (just being cheap), but maybe I'll giveit a try.

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