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I attended Jon Hennessey’s Perfect Skin Workshop ($135), which was held on Sunday, May 16, 2010 during The Makeup Show.  I learned a great deal from him, which I will later explain in this post.

Description (SOURCE): Creating the perfect canvas is essential for every application. This event is a concentrated look at color correction, concealing, foundation and contour and how to perfect those techniques with various products. You will concentrate on developing an understanding of various foundation, powder and concealer types and formulations, their effects and versatility as well as exploring methods  for shaping and contouring and shaping the face to bring out the rest of your clients features.

I just want to say Jon Hennessey is a very sweet, and nice guy.  He is one of the best makeup artists out there.  He also gave me a compliment on how great my skin was .:blushing:. and he also said that I should have been his model.

Director of Artistry, James Vincent gave a nice introduction to, as he put it, “the dreamy Jon Hennessey.”  He also told us that he actually trained under Jon Hennessey when he first began.

I  sat in the front of the class;  I was always taught that you can’t really learn much if you’re sitting in the back.  I’m so happy I did this because I got an up-close view of Jon’s techniques. He’s a low talker, so sitting in the front, as close to him as possible helped.  People in the back kept asking him to speak up. Next time, get to the workshop earlier.  Do you know this girl had the nerve to fall asleep! Very rude…

Flawless makeup application begins with a flawless canvas.  This was the purpose of this workshop; learning how to create a flawless canvas or perfect skin even when the person you’re working on does not have that.  This applies for all exposed skin “from the ears to the toes.”

Jon’s Advice:

Really observe the face to notice naturally occurring colors; therefore, you will be able to know what to highlight/focus on, as well as what to conceal.  You want to make sure to leave as much of the natural skin as possible.  It makes the person look less made-up.

Concealer should be used as a last resort since it adds texture to the face.  He builds up the necessary coverage 1st, and uses his #224 brush to add concealer to the areas that need it.  Use a darker color to hide dark blemishes, such as tattoos he says, then blend out the edges with a color that matches the skintone.  If you use a lighter color, the dark area will look grey.

“Your products don’t have to be expensive to be effective.”  He does have products in his kit geared towards people who like labels.  Also, technique is more important than the products and tools themselves.

When applying moisturizer to the face, it’s important to apply it with a brush 1st, to ensure even application of the product.  However, it is just as important to touch the skin to get a sense of the texture of the skin you’re working on.  As makeup artists “We deal with what’s there now, and try to maximize it’s potential.”  Unless you’re an esthetician, you should not focus primarily on the person’s skin care, especially if you’re not the person’s personal makeup artist.

***If you’re working with someone who has dry/scaly skin (dehydration), you can take a warm face cloth to gently exfoliate the area prior to moisturizing.

We all know that buying makeup for your kit can be expensive.  Jon stated that as an artist, you always want to do your best work & get to the point where major cosmetics companies give you products to use.

For print, you want to avoid using mineral makeup products, SPF, and shimmer/frost because of their reflective properties.

Contouring:  take the depth of color into temples & hairline.

After his demonstration, we had the opportunity to show what we learned by applying the techniques he used on our partners.  I was so excited to go to The Makeup Show I forgot my brushes!  Good thing my partner had a set.  Jon stopped by every “couple” to see how we were doing, and offered his advice, and corrected some people if he had to.

This was a great learning experience, and networking opportunity.  I wish I was able to attend other workshops.  I hope to next year.

Here are a few of Jon’s Favorite Products he uses to create a Flawless Face:

Jon’s Favorite Moisturizer: EmbryoLisse Lait-Crème Concentrè (24-Hour Miracle Cream).  This is a great product because it has several uses, which I will explain in a later post.  This is a makeup artist staple that has been around for years!

Jon’s Favorite Lip Balms:

1. Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream  – Moisturizes, has a nice gloss, and a little tint. Can be worn alone or topped with a lip color.  Too shiny for print or on-camera appearances.

2. EmbryoLisse Baume Secours (Essential Dry Skin Balm) – He says it’s great for mens grooming since it doesn’t have high-shine.

Jon’s Favorite Foundation: Face Atelier Pro

Jon’s Favorite Concealers: Laura Mercier Secret Concealer.

Jon’s Favorite Multi-purpose Product: Make Up For Ever’s 12 Flash Color Palette

Jon’s Favorite Setting Powder: Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics HD Hydrating Mineral Perfectinn Powder

Jon’s Favorite Highlighting Products: MAC Pearl Cream Colour Base, MAC Luna Cream Color Base, MAC Fauntastic (darker skin tones), or MAC Pearled Brulee Eyeshadow.

Jon’s Favorite Brushes:

1. Any of the Duo Fibre Brushes (MAC #187, MAC #188, MAC #130).  He has several of these.  They’re great for adding small amounts of product at a time, which allow you to build up the coverage gradually. It also allows you to have a flawless.

2. He also loves to use MAC’s #224 brush for applying concealer.  This really works to help add a sheer, even layer of concealer for a flawless look.

3. Hakuhodo K008 Powder Brush ($60) –  They have great brushes, but they’re a little bit expensive.  Hakuhodo USA.  Cheaper alternative he mentioned was this synthetic brush (hairs are as soft as squirrel brush hairs) by Kett Cosmetics Artist Roque Cozzette  fromhis Divinity Collection.

4.  Mascara Fan Brush – Perfect for applying mascara with precision, especially if you’re doing tight beauty shots.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed the workshop.

Your comments/feedback are greatly appreciated & welcome.

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  1. This post was great! I love knowing what professional makeup artists carry with them and use! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following! I am now following you 🙂 I love love love makeup, so I am excited about reading more of your blog! xx

  2. Great post Kim, he is right when he said you should of been his model, your skin is flawless, and if I may add beautiful. I love the Hakuhodo brushes but lord they are expensive, one good day I may own 1, LOL….

  3. Great post! Thank you for sharing with us what you learned in the workshop. I'll have to agree with him though, you have gorgeous skin Kim.

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