Unless I am feeling super lazy, I almost always end up giving myself a pedicure.  Most of the time, I find I do a much better job than the nail tech anyway; I’m picky.  If I want to be pampered, I head over to my fave nail salon, Dashing Diva on Montague Street in Brooklyn. Otherwise, I follow these steps to get my feet smooth & pretty!

1.  Take all nail polish off of toe nails

2. Buff & shape nails with an emory board & buffer.

3. Place a drop of Jamaican Black Castor oil on cuticles & massage in

4. Soak my feet in warm water with baby wash (I know people like super hot, but that dries your skin out).

5.  Push Cuticles back & clip if needed.

6.  Massage Mary Kay’s Satin Hands Scrub onto feet (One foot at a time. Leave one foot soaking). Seriously, this stuff makes ymy feet SUPER soft!

7.  Use a pumice stone to smooth out any rough areas.

8. Rinse off the Satin Hands & pat dry.

9.  Apply Avon’s Foot Works Dual-Action Pedi Peel (click here to order) It’s currently on-sale for $3.99. It keeps my feet nice & soft.

10. Apply base coat, let dry for a minute or two.  I normally use my Dashing Diva True Color Base & Top Coats mentioned here.

11. Apply Nail color (2 coats) & let dry fro a minute or two.  Then follow with the top coat.

Voila! Perfectly pedicured feet!

How do you keep your feet pretty between nail salon visits?

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  1. I do my nails and toes at home as well. A polish change every week and full mani/pedi every other week. Thanks for the tip about the JBCO. I use it for my hair but never thought to use it for my manis and pedis.

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