I was finally able to attend my friends networking event, which is geared towards individuals in music, journalism, and/or fashion industries. My day job usually prevents me from attending these because I have meetings after work. It was really good to finally be able to attend.  I met some cool people, and also ran into a blogger who subs my blog & vice versa.

I’m just going to spotlight some people in this post that I think you guys should know about.

Is your closet a mess?

Can’t close your closet doors?

Can’t find anything when you need it?

Hire Khendra Braswell, Closet Re-Organization Specialist

You may Email her for an appointment khen.braswell@gmail.com

I also ran into Alissa from Stylish Curves.

Check out her blog. She posts very cute OOTD’s for Curvey women. She’s super nice too!

Coco & Breezy

I’ve seen them spotlighted on most of the urban blogs, and I love their shades.  These two young ladies(yes, they’re twins) have been in New York 8 months.  They quit their jobs to come to New York to pursue their dream in fashion.  It seems like they’re making it to me!  They’ve just scored an ad placement in a magazine & tons of celebrities wear their shades & accessories.

You can purchase their shades and accessories at Coco && Breezy

I’m a little peeved that I will not be able to attend the next one in June because of a meeting.

If you go, enjoy, and bring plenty of business cards with you.

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  1. You know I think I saw them catching a cab when I was going to MAC PRO one day, LOL… I would be going to MAC…

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